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pronunciation: ɑkɑdemikoʊ part of speech: adjective, noun
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academic1 = profesor universitario, académico, científico. [Nombre]

Example: It is well past the time for academics to challenge growing unconstitutional restraints on freedom to publish.


» academic-led = promovido por los académicos. 

Example: The article is entitled 'The benefits and challenges of academic-led scholarly and scientific journals'.

» academic, the = académicos, los; mundo académico, el.

Example: The article is entitled 'Tidal wave or ripple? The impact of Internet on the academic'.

academic2 = académico, científico. [Adjetivo]

Example: Academic disputations are generally entered under the heading for the faculty moderator.


» academic ability = capacidad académica.

Example: Recent studies suggest that reading in Spanish may have positive effects on the reading attitudes and academic abilities of Spanish-speaking children and adolescents in the US.

» academic achievement = rendimiento académico, nivel de estudios.

Example: Gifted and High achievers are related terms to academic achievement in that academic achievement is a Property of the gifted and the high achiever.

» academic advisor = jefe de estudios, asesor académico.

Example: In many cases, having a quick word with your academic advisor during their office hours can nip the problem in the bud.

» academic affairs = ordenación académica, asuntos académicos.

Example: The author is Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Political Science, University of Texas, El Paso.

» academic background = formación académica, estudios.

Example: He is thus in danger of losing touch with its traditional constituency (upward-mobile students) whose academic and socioeconomic backgrounds would have previously indicated nearly automatic attendance.

» academic calendar = calendario académico.

Example: Library users tend to use commercial online databases most frequently early in the week, at midday and at times that correspond to the academic calendar = Los usuarios de la biblioteca tienden a usar las bases de datos comerciales en línea con más frecuencia al principio de la semana, al mediodía y en épocas que se corresponden con el calendario académico.

» academic career = carrera académica.

Example: The teaching mentor will oversee the proposed academic development program and will ensure that the candidate receives the proper experience for the future academic career.

» academic circle = círculo académico.

Example: Moreover, there is also a need in academic circles for a single, comprehensive source of information on publications issued over a number of years.

» academic community = comunidad académica.

Example: These changes will indubitably be ruled by the demands of commercial markets, largely multi-media entertainment, not the requirements of the academic community.

» academic course = curso académico.

Example: At both undergraduate and graduate levels, the Center offers academic courses in jazz studies.

» academic culture = cultura académica.

Example: Before the Internet can be taken seriously for business information its academic culture must change.

» academic debate = debate académico.

Example: There is no way this issue could be resolved by academic debates.

» academic degree = título académico.

Example: All the programmes take place at universities or similar institutions and lead to an academic degree.

» academic department = departamento universitario.

Example: It was decided that checking of content and format should be left to the graduate school and academic departments = Se decidió que la comprobación del contenido y el formato debería dejarse a la facultad y a los departamentos universitarios.

» academic development = desarrollo académico.

Example: The teaching mentor will oversee the proposed academic development program and will ensure that the candidate receives the proper experience for the future academic career.

» academic diploma = título académico, titulación académica, diploma académico.

Example: Students commonly need an apostille to authenticate their academic transcripts or diploma for use in a foreign country.

» academic discipline = disciplina académica.

Example: Factors such as age,type, format of document, as well as previous instruction and academic discipline of users were considered.

» academic dishonesty = falta de ética académica.

Example: The problems of academic dishonesty may be less well researched in the school system than in the tertiary education sector.

» academic excellence = excelencia académica.

Example: Ivy, a final year engineering student, has been awarded a prize for academic excellence.

» academic field = disciplina académica, campo científico.

Example: The influence of muckrakers has been so great that, paradoxically, they seem easy to ignore in constructing a history of the academic field of communication.

» academic freedom = libertad académica.

Example: This article examines the historic and continuing conflict between academic freedom and national security.

» academic-industrial = académico-industrial.

Example: In addition to anticipating new technologies, planning should reflect projected changes in academic-industrial relationships.

» academic institution = institución académica.

Example: Power struggles are surfacing at major academic institutions across the USA.

» academic journal = revista científica, revista académica.

Example: The academic journal as a model of information dissemination is one of the forms of publishing being affected most dramatically by the development of the Internet.

» academic knowledge = conocimiento académico.

Example: A contrast is made between academic knowledge (or theory) and street knowledge (or praxis).

» academic librarian = bibliotecario académico, bibliotecario de universidad. [Bibliotecario que trabaja en una biblioteca académica]

Example: The faculty status issue continues to hold considerable attention among academic librarians.

» academic librarianship = biblioteconomía especializada en las bibliotecas universitarias. [Todo lo relacionado con las bibliotecas universitarias]

Example: This intermediate grade would equate with the senior library assistant, a category much depleted in UK academic librarianship.

» academic library = biblioteca académica, biblioteca universitaria. [Biblioteca que pertenece y sirve a una institución de enseñanza superior de cualquier rango]

Example: The scheme is primarily used by LC itself, and by other large research collections such as large academic libraries.

» academic major = especialización académica, carrera universitaria.

Example: Academic level and age of students affect the preference toward the use of an OPAC, but academic major of the students does not affect the preference.

» academic medical centre = hospital universitario.

Example: The title of her paper was 'Computer assisted instruction: subject audience and program descriptors for an academic medical center'.

» academic paper = artículo científico.

Example: Graduate students who are either working on research grants or have published academic papers on research in the field are included.

» academic programme = programa académico.

Example: Although university education in modern India dates back to 1856, libraries developed haphazardly and were more embellishments than an integral part of the academic programme.

» academic publication = publicación académica. [Documento publicado por una institución académica, generalmente una revista o una colección]

Example: Price indexes for academic publications would help libraries to determine budget requirements.

» academic publisher = editorial científica.

Example: Many academic publishers insist upon any references supplied to books and papers being cited in their particular house style.

» academic publishing = edición científica.

Example: This article examines the impact of recent trends on the academic community in general and on academic publishing in particular.

» academic qualification = titulación académica.

Example: The minimum academic qualification for mining engineers is a bachelor's degree in mining engineering.

» academic rank = rango académico, categoría académica profesional.

Example: Anecdotally, it is often assumed that users preferring print are among the most senior in academic rank and/or years.

» academic recognition = reconocimiento académico.

Example: Student mobility and accompanying academic recognition are assumed to be necessary prerequisites to aid European integration.

» academic record = expediente académico.

Example: Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, and Adolph Hitler to name but three, were remarkably successful as leaders in spite of less than outstanding academic records.

» academic research = investigación científica.

Example: However, there remains a considerable number of documents which enter the public domain and which provide invaluable raw material for academic research.

» academic research community = comunidad académica de investigadores.

Example: By having such a restricted view of on-line searching and its potential benefits to researchers, librarians fail to take full advantage of their role in the academic research community = Teniendo una visión tan limitadad de las búsquedas en línea y de su potencial beneficio para los investigadores, los bibliotecarios no sacan al máximo partido a la función que desempeñan dentro de la comunidad académica de investigadores.

» academic reward(s) system = sistema de reconocimiento académico. [En el entorno universitario, modo de evaluar y promocionar al profesorado]

Example: In this essay, the pros and cons of the academic rewards system and the 'publish or perish' syndrome as they relate to serials publishing are discussed.

» academic scientist = científico de la universidad.

Example: The information seeking practices of a sample of academic, industrial and government scientists were surveyed by self-administered questionnaires.

» academic sector, the = sector académico, el.

Example: The publishing industry could influence the use of CD-ROM data bases in the private sector by helping to underwrite the costs of training users in the academic sector.

» academic senate, the = claustro universitario, el; claustro, el.

Example: The resulting recommendations were accepted by the Academic Senate on 6 December 1999.

» academic site = sitio web de universidad, página web de universidad.

Example: Academic sites will install document servers to make publications and electronic archives available on a global scale = Los sitios web de universidad instalarán servidores de documentos para que sus publicaciones y ficheros electrónicos estén disponibles a escala mundial.

» academic skill = destreza académica.

Example: In recent years there has been a growing realization that information skills relate not only to academic success but to life skills in general.

» academic staff = profesorado, profesorado universitario.

Example: They may therefore be kept in an area to which only staff (academic staff as well as library staff) have access.

» academic status = estatus académico. [Rango o posición laboral que una persona ocupa en una institución académica]

Example: Examples would include deliberately contriving an authoritarian atmosphere, either institutional, by means of rules and regulations, or personal, by means of academic status, for instance.

» academic status = estatus académico. [Condición de igualdad académica entre el profesorado y los bibliotecarios aunque sin igualdad en cuanto a categorías profesionales y las obligaciones y derechos que se derivan de las mismas]

Example: Specific topics considered were faculty versus academic status, criteria used for evaluation, tenure, support for research, sabbaticals and released time.

» academic status = estatus académico. [Condición que una institución de enseñanza superior otorga a sus bibliotecarios por la cual se reconoce como miembros de la plantilla de personal educativo e investigador, pero no se les reconoce los niveles, títulos, derechos y beneficios del profesorado]

Example: Teaching staff do not recognise the academic status of the librarians, because they see theirs as an essentially non-teaching role.

» academic study = estudio académico, estudio universitario, investigación, análisis.

Example: Cyberculture is emerging as an interdisciplinary subject of academic study.

» academic success = éxito académico.

Example: This experience put him on the right track for future academic success.

» academic transcripts = expediente académico.

Example: Students commonly need an apostille to authenticate their academic transcripts or diploma for use in a foreign country.

» academic work = trabajo académico.

Example: This example goes to show that talent for academic work is only one variety of giftedness.

» academic world, the = mundo académico, el. [Expresión generalmente acompañada del artículo]

Example: Fish is particularly scathing about reactionaries in the academic world who resort to a version of scaremongering about 'political correctness,' deconstruction, and other bogies.

» academic writing = composición académica, composición científica.

Example: In academic writing we use formal language, avoiding the use of slang and colloquial language.

» academic year = año académico. [En un centro de enseñanza, período durante el cual se imparten clases y se hacen exámenes y tanto profesores como alumnos están obligados a asistir]

Example: Periodically, the paid fines can be removed from the fines file (for instance, at the end of a fiscal or academic year).

» JANET (Joint Academic NETwork) = JANET. [Red de comunicaciones que enlaza todas las instituciones académicas del Reino Unido]

Example: The implementation of the Joint Academic Network (JANET) provides a truly integrated, private academic network linking all UK universities.

» non-academic = no académico.

Example: This result may be explained by better assistance that professional librarians, even nonacademic ones, can give in the reading rooms.

academic3 = irrelevante, intranscendente. 

Example: In any case, these arguments are all purely academic now and history will now be the best judge.

Academic synonyms

pedantic in spanish: pedante, pronunciation: pədæntɪk part of speech: adjective theoretical in spanish: teórico, pronunciation: θiɜretɪkəl part of speech: adjective scholarly in spanish: erudito, pronunciation: skɑlɜrli part of speech: adjective academician in spanish: académico, pronunciation: ækədəmɪʃən part of speech: noun donnish in spanish: erudito, pronunciation: dɑnɪʃ part of speech: adjective faculty member in spanish: Miembro de facultad, pronunciation: fækəltimembɜr part of speech: noun
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