Accessory in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkθesoʊɹ̩ioʊ part of speech: adjective, noun
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accessory1 = accesorio. 

Example: If static is a problem, it can usually be cured by the use of an anti-static mat and regular applications of anti-static sprays, both available from accessory suppliers.


» bathroom accessories = accesorios, accesorios de baño.

Example: The best bathroom accessories are those that you can wash or change on a whim.

accessory2 = secundario. 

Example: The Publications Office may fairly be said to present itself to the outside-world as a distributor by way of sale, since its overt involvement in free distribution is essentially accessory to that.

Accessory synonyms

ancillary in spanish: auxiliar, pronunciation: ænsəleri part of speech: adjective supplement in spanish: suplemento, pronunciation: sʌpləmənt part of speech: noun, verb adjunct in spanish: adjunto, pronunciation: ædʒəŋkt part of speech: noun auxiliary in spanish: auxiliar, pronunciation: ɑgzɪljɜri part of speech: adjective, noun subsidiary in spanish: subsidiario, pronunciation: səbsɪdieri part of speech: noun adjuvant in spanish: auxiliar, pronunciation: ædʒəvænt part of speech: noun accomplice in spanish: cómplice, pronunciation: əkɑmpləs part of speech: noun accoutrement in spanish: cuenta, pronunciation: əkutɜrmənt part of speech: noun appurtenance in spanish: accesorio, pronunciation: əpɜrtənəns part of speech: noun supportive in spanish: apoyo, pronunciation: səpɔrtɪv part of speech: adjective appurtenant in spanish: anexo, pronunciation: əpɜrtənənt part of speech: adjective accouterment in spanish: pertrechos, pronunciation: əkutɜrmənt part of speech: noun accessary in spanish: accesoria, pronunciation: æksesɜri part of speech: noun
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