Accidental in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkθidentɑl part of speech: adjective
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accidental1 = accidental, fortuito, casual. 

Example: The user is liable for any accidental or unintentional transmission.


» accidental death = muerte accidental.

Example: The second part of each section presents ideas for preventing accidental deaths of children.

» accidental invention = invento accidental.

Example: The course of human evolution has been punctuated by a long succession of chance discoveries and accidental inventions.

» non-accidental = no accidental, intencionado, deliberado.

Example: As for the location of the bruises or welts (the closer to the center of the body, the more likely it is that they are non-accidental).

Accidental synonyms

chance in spanish: oportunidad, pronunciation: tʃæns part of speech: noun casual in spanish: casual, pronunciation: kæʒəwəl part of speech: adjective inadvertent in spanish: inadvertido, pronunciation: ɪnədvɜrtənt part of speech: adjective extrinsic in spanish: extrínseco, pronunciation: ekstrɪnsɪk part of speech: adjective adventitious in spanish: adventicio, pronunciation: ædvəntɪʃəs part of speech: adjective unintended in spanish: involuntario, pronunciation: ənɪntendɪd part of speech: adjective unplanned in spanish: no planeado, pronunciation: ənplænd part of speech: adjective
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