Accommodating in spanish


pronunciation: seɹ̩biθiɑl part of speech: adjective
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accommodate = dar cabida a, adaptarse a, acomodarse a, incorporar, tener cabida para, hospedar. 

Example: Changes have been made to accommodate modern approaches or new groupings of subjects.


» accommodate + a change = aceptar un cambio, adoptar un cambio.

Example: This paper discusses the development of classification schemes and their ability to adapt to and accommodate changes in the information world in order to survive.

» accommodate + a demand = atender a una demanda, satisfacer una demanda.

Example: Moreover, every major public institution has changed its policies to accommodate the demands of Islamic community leaders.

» accommodate + a need = satisfacer una necesidad.

Example: There's been no foreplanning -- they have no foreknowledge of this -- but I would like to invite Mr. Freedman to comment on what he is doing to begin to accommodate those unmet needs, particularly public library needs.

» accommodate + an interest = adaptarse a un interés.

Example: Curricula must change rapidly to accommodate the increasing interest in this field of work.

» accommodate + growth = dar cabida al crecimiento, hacer posible el crecimiento.

Example: To accommodate growth in the vertical file collection the library developed a project to convert hardcopy materials to jacketed microfiche.

» accommodate to + change = adaptarse al cambio.

Example: Nevertheless, each library will have to consider whether it will continue to accommodate to changes in the same way that it has in the past.

accommodating1 = complaciente, acomodaticio, flexible. 

Example: Style flexibility provides a way to be accommodating without compromising integrity or naturalness of expression = La flexibilidad de estilo es una forma de ser complaciente sin poner en peligro la integridad o la naturalidad de la expresión.

accommodating2 = adecuado, apropiado. 

Example: Monitors tuned to television news may have to be located in areas that are less than accommodating to the large numbers of users who want to know the fast-breaking events which affect us all.

Accommodating synonyms

helpful in spanish: servicial, pronunciation: helpfəl part of speech: adjective complaisant in spanish: cortés, pronunciation: kəmpleɪsənt part of speech: adjective obliging in spanish: servicial, pronunciation: əblaɪdʒɪŋ part of speech: adjective accommodative in spanish: cómodo, pronunciation: əkɑmədeɪtɪv part of speech: adjective

Accommodating antonyms

unaccommodating pronunciation: ənəkɑmədeɪtɪŋ part of speech: adjective unobliging pronunciation: ənɑblɪdʒɪŋ part of speech: adjective
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