Acquire in spanish


pronunciation: ɑdkiɹ̩iɹ̩ part of speech: verb
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acquire = adquirir, obtener, conseguir. 

Example: Many libraries have special collections of foreign, unpublished or unusual materials which include items unlikely to be acquired by other libraries.


» acquire + a bad name = recibir mala prensa.

Example: The Web has acquired a bad name largely as a result of naive and over expectant users.

» acquire + a reputation = ganarse una reputación, ganarse la fama de.

Example: she acquired a reputation as a serious adversary who, short of cheating, would do just about anything to win.

» acquire + a taste for = cogerle el gusto a, tomarle el gusto a, aficionarse a, tomarle afición a.

Example: He quickly took a liking to American clothing stores and acquired a taste for fast-food restaurants.

» acquire + knowledge = adquirir conocimiento.

Example: Vervliet's involvement with books began with his appointment in 1949 as keeper at the Plantin Moretus Museum in Antwerp, where he acquired a wide knowledge of the history of printing in the Low Countries.

Acquire synonyms

get in spanish: obtener, pronunciation: get part of speech: verb take in spanish: tomar, pronunciation: teɪk part of speech: verb develop in spanish: desarrollar, pronunciation: dɪveləp part of speech: verb assume in spanish: asumir, pronunciation: əsum part of speech: verb grow in spanish: crecer, pronunciation: groʊ part of speech: verb produce in spanish: Produce, pronunciation: prədus part of speech: verb adopt in spanish: adoptar, pronunciation: ədɑpt part of speech: verb take on in spanish: asumir, pronunciation: teɪkɑn part of speech: verb
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