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pronunciation: ɑdkisiθioʊn part of speech: noun
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acquisition1 = adquisición, compra. 

Example: Mergers and acquisitions are playing an increasing important part in corporate strategies, stimulated by the scramble for market position in the new Europe.

acquisition2 = adquisición. [Operación que permite aumentar y poner al día los fondos de una biblioteca o de un centro de documentación en función de sus objetivos]

Example: Almost inevitably then, many libraries will have acquisitions for which records are not available in a centralised cataloguing service.


» acquisition centre = centro de adquisiciones.

Example: We need, for example, at least another acquisition center in South Asia.

» acquisition control = control de adquisiciones.

Example: Serials control comprises serials circulation control, serials ordering and acquisition control.

» acquisition policy [acquisitions policy] = política de adquisiciones. [Principios y normas que sigue una biblioteca en cuanto al tipo de material bibliográfico que compra]

Example: Professionals need to be shown that with the increasing use of computers, data collection need not be expensive: an automated circulation system, for example, will readily generate information for modifying acquisition policy.

» acquisition rate = número de adquisiciones.

Example: The areas allowed for housing books were based on the size of the existing collection, plus the projected annual acquisition rate multiplied by ten years.

» acquisition routines = servicio de adquisiciones.

Example: The need was felt for a local data system which would provide not only catalogue and circulation control, but also acquisition routines and periodicals control.

» Acquisitions and Ordering System = Módulo de Adquisiciones y Pedidos.

Example: The Acquisitions and Ordering System provides facilities for the ordering and receipt of library materials.

» acquisitions budget = presupuesto de adquisiciones. [Cantidad de dinero que dispone una biblioteca, generalmente anualmente, para comprar material]

Example: This article examines the problems facing libraries as acquisitions budgets are severely reduced and library materials continue to rise in price.

» acquisitions department = sección de adquisiciones, sección de compras, departamento de adquisiciones. [Sección de una biblioteca que se encarga de la compra de libros]

Example: Nobody outside of the acquisitions department gives a damn about the prices of books.

» acquisition(s) service = servicio de adquisiciones, servicio de compras. [Conjunto de actividades que realiza el departamento de compras de una biblioteca relacionadas con el pedido y el proceso técnico de los documentos que una biblioteca recibe]

Example: This article deals with the problems of providing library collection and acquisitions services to off-campus university students throughout a sparsely populated region of northeastern Ontario in Canada.

» acquisition(s) file = fichero de adquisiciones. [Conjunto de registros que mantiene el departamento de adquisiciones de una biblioteca con información sobre los pedidos realizados]

Example: The library will scarcely grind to a halt if the acquisitions file is unavailable for a day.

» acquisitions librarian = bibliotecario encargado de las adquisiciones. [Bibliotecario que trabaja en la sección de adquisiciones/compras de la biblioteca]

Example: This process has become a source of frustration and time-consuming, bureaucratic manoeuvering which appears to be the bane of acquisitions librarians everywhere.

» acquisitions list = lista de nuevas adquisiciones. [A veces escrito acquisition list. Lista del material bibliográfico que se ha incorporado a la biblioteca recientemente]

Example: Many of these libraries also produce acquisitions lists which are circulated to members as part of their service.

» acquisitions module = módulo de adquisiciones.

Example: Functions of this library system include: cataloguing; authority control; online public access catalogue; circulation; acquisitions; and serials control modules.

» acquisitions plan = plan de adquisiciones. [Sistema que utiliza una biblioteca para comprar libros de un proveedor, como, por ejemplo, a vista]

Example: The article 'Looks like the ball is in our court -- library support services from vendors' describes how vendors have responded to cuts in library staff by offering more services, such as book processing, cataloguing, and acquisitions plans.

» acquisitions system = módulo de adquisiciones.

Example: The acquisitions system integrates data from the Online Union Catalogue with local order and fund data, thus improving order processing and providing current accounting information.

» bequest acquisition = adquisición por legado. [Cesión de un documento o conjunto de documentos a un organismo por disposición testamentaria sujeta a veces a ciertas obligaciones por parte del beneficiario]

Example: The provision, in a will and testament, of a document or set of documents to an organization, at times according to certain obligations, the beneficiary having the right to refuse acceptance is known as bequest acquisition.

» computerised acquisition = adquisición por ordenador.

Example: The article 'computerised acquisition in libraries and information centres' reviews on-line acquisition with details of agents who can provide the service.

» cooperative acquisition = adquisición cooperativa. [Sistema por el cual se organiza y coordina la adquisición entre dos o más bibliotecas o centros de documentación a nivel local, regional, nacional o internacional para que haya al menos un ejemplar de cada publicación en el área geográfica en cuestión]

Example: Co-operative acquisition is a system which consists of organizing and coordinating acquisition between two or more libraries or documentation centres or services at a local, regional, national or international level, so that at least one copy of each publication is held in the geographical area concerned.

» deacquisition [de-acquisition] = expurgo.

Example: Most deacquisitions research is carried out in college and university libraries, since serious space problems exist in such libraries.

» exchange acquisition = intercambio. [Adquisición resultante del acuerdo entre organizaciones, para suministrarse documentos mutuamente]

Example: The 'on approval', 'gift', and 'exchange' types are useful for statistical purposes.

» free acquisition = adquisición gratuita. [Adquisición de un documento o conjunto de documentos sin comprar ni intercambio]

Example: The acquisition of a document or a set of documents without purchase or exchange is known as free acquisition.

» gift acquisition = donación. [Cesión de un documento o una colección de documentos a un organismo sujeta a veces ciertas obligaciones por parte del beneficiario]

Example: The 'on approval', 'gift', and 'exchange' types are useful for statistical purposes.

» list of current acquisitions = lista de últimas adquisiciones.

Example: It outlines the college's programme which includes updates on library activities, lists of current acquisitions, contributions to the student newspaper, and the monthly displays planned around specific themes.

» National Acquisitions Group (NAG) = Asociación Nacional para Adquisiciones (NAG). [Asociación de bibliotecas británicas para la defensa de sus intereses frente a la política de precios de los distribuidores de libros]

Example: The beginnings of the National Acquisitions Group (NAG) are described, and its objectives are listed.

» National Program for Acquisitions and Cataloging (NPAC) = Programa Nacional para las Adquisiciones y la Catalogación (NPAC).

Example: Because of the Edith Green sponsored investigation of several years ago, Congress has not given us monies to expand the National Program for Acquisitions and Cataloging (NPAC).

» non-gratuitous acquisition = adquisición por compra o intercambio. [Adquisición de documentos por compra o intercambio]

Example: The acquisition of documents through purchase or exchange is known as non-gratuitous acquisition.

» on approval acquisition = adquisición pendiente de examen y aceptación. [Envío de documentos por parte de un editor o librero, reservándose el comprador el derecho a aceptarlos o rechazarlos]

Example: The 'on approval', 'gift', and 'exchange' types are useful for statistical purposes.

» online acquisition = adquisición en línea.

Example: The article 'Computerised acquisition in libraries and information centres' reviews on-line acquisition with details of agents who can provide the service.

» patron-driven acquisition = adquisición iniciada por el usuario, adquisición a instancias del usuario, adquisición promovida por el usuario.

Example: By contrast, patron-driven acquisition allows a library to borrow or buy books only when a patron needs them.

» user-driven acquisition = adquisición iniciada por el usuario, adquisición a instancias del usuario, adquisición promovida por el usuario.

Example: Academic libraries in particular are moving to e-books as well as other e-resources and are more and more depending on user-driven acquisitions.

Acquisition synonyms

skill in spanish: habilidad, pronunciation: skɪl part of speech: noun learning in spanish: aprendizaje, pronunciation: lɜrnɪŋ part of speech: noun accomplishment in spanish: logro, pronunciation: əkɑmplɪʃmənt part of speech: noun attainment in spanish: logro, pronunciation: əteɪnmənt part of speech: noun acquirement in spanish: adquisición, pronunciation: əkwaɪrmənt part of speech: noun
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