Across in spanish

A través de

pronunciation: ɑtɹ̩ɑbesde part of speech: adjective, adverb
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across1 = de, por. 

Example: This arrangement may facilitate browsing across different kinds of materials.


» across + Nombre de Lugar = por todo + Nombre de Lugar.

Example: The Library of Congress Subject Headings List was first published in 1909 and it is used widely across the United States.

» across the board [across-the-board] = para todos por igual, indiscriminadamente.

Example: They admitted that they did not evaluate their technicians and aides, and confirmed that increases were automatic and the same 'across-the-board'; superior performance was not rewarded, nor inferior performance punished.

» across the continent = en todo el continente, por todo el continente.

Example: The issue of immigration between EU countries is firing up emotions across the continent.

» across the country = en todo el país, por todo el país.

Example: It seems that meatless menu alternatives are becoming more and more popular at ballparks across the country.

» across the globe = de todo el mundo, por todo el mundo, en todo el mundo.

Example: It is difficult to make comparisons between library services across the globe = Es difícil establecer comparaciones entre los servicios bibliocarios de todo el mundo.

» across the land = de todo el país.

Example: In 1893 when the nation was deep in one of its worst financial crises, librarians across the land were emphasizing the public library's role as a conservator of order.

» across the planet = de todo el planeta, por todo el planeta, en todo el planeta.

Example: The World Wide Web has expanded from a text-only technical documentation system to a multimedia information base distributed across the planet.

» across the world = de todo el mundo, por todo el mundo, en todo el mundo.

Example: Fragmentation, competition and division is giving way to unification and cooperation as knowledge, technology, and capital flows across the world.

» do + this/that + across + Nombre = gastarle una putada a.

Example: I wouldn't do to you what a lot of you have done across me.

» from across the world = de todo el mundo.

Example: The utilization of technology, coupled with skilled librarians, brings information from across the world to the user at the local public library.

» from ... right across ... = desde ... hasta ....

Example: This type of help can extend from the assistant who does routine collecting of facts which the author uses, right across to the virtual ghosting of the book which the author has given little more to than a name.

» search across + Nombre = buscar en varios + Nombre + a la vez.

Example: These preliminary results show the importance of the abstract for subject searching and the continued necessity for online searching across multiple databases.

» search across + Nombre = buscar por todo + Nombre.

Example: It will also be able to search across the Internet and make that huge wealth of data much more available than it currently is.

across2 = por encima de. 

Example: They whispered to each other across Benefield's desk, and forthwith approached O'Brien.


» sweep across = pasar rápidamente por encima de.

Example: For one, the record is made by a moving beam of electrons rather than a moving pointer, for the reason that an electron beam can sweep across the picture very rapidly indeed.

across3 = al otro lado de. 

Example: There was something inexpressibly poignant about the sight of the once powerful Roger Balzac sitting quiescently like a victim in a noose across the desk from him.


» across the pond = al otro lado del océano, al otro lado del atlántico, al otro lado del charco.

Example: To see what a difference government policies can make, all we have to do is look across the pond (either one) to Europe or Japan.

» across the street = al otro lado de la calle, en la acera de enfrente.

Example: Just across the street from the terminal building, the parkade offers the perfect spot for business passengers or those who simply prefer the convenience of being close to the airport.

» at an angle across = transversal a.

Example: The video signals are recorded in adjacent tracks at an angle across the tape, as shown diagrammatically in Figure 13.

» at right angles across = perpendicular a.

Example: Like their predecessors (which were mostly news presses) they had carriages with ink tables at the end and inking rollers fixed at right angles across the frame.

» cut + across the grain = cortar perpendicularmente a la veta de crecimiento.

Example: Fine-grained hardwoods were preferred, nearly always cut across the grain, although the largest size types were sometimes cut on the plank.

» fall across = cruzar.

Example: A shaft of yellow sunshine fell across the carpet.

» put across (to) = hacer entender, hacer comprender, hacer ver, explicar.

Example: What I tried to put across to her was that she was getting her wires crossed between cause and effect.

» put + Posesivo + a viewpoint across = expresar + Posesivo + opinión, hacer ver + Posesivo + opinión, explicar + Posesivo + opinión.

Example: In Spring '87 the Danish archives decided to publish flysheets as a way of putting their viewpoint across to the public.

across4 = entre. 

Example: Other important elements of libraries, such as the quality of the staff and the nature of the reference collections themselves, vary across libraries.

across5 = de uno a otro. 

Example: Citations can be used across documents irrespective of the language of the source or cited document.

Across synonyms

over in spanish: terminado, pronunciation: oʊvɜr part of speech: noun, adverb crossed in spanish: cruzado, pronunciation: krɔst part of speech: adjective crosswise in spanish: al través, pronunciation: krɔswaɪz part of speech: adverb crossways in spanish: cruce de caminos, pronunciation: krɔsweɪz part of speech: adverb decussate in spanish: decusado, pronunciation: dɪkʌsət part of speech: verb intersecting in spanish: intersección, pronunciation: ɪntɜrsektɪŋ part of speech: adjective intersectant in spanish: intersectante, pronunciation: ɪntɜrsektənt part of speech: adjective

Across antonyms

uncrossed pronunciation: ənkrɔst part of speech: adjective
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