Adjacency in spanish


pronunciation: pɹ̩oʊksimidɑd part of speech: noun
In gestures

adjacency = adyacencia, contigüidad. 

Example: The first example implies adjacency 'nuclear propulsion'; it doesn't require you to enter the operator.


» adjacency command = operador de proximidad. [Mandato de búsqueda que permite especificar los términos de búsqueda por su proximidad]

Example: Phrases can be entered as they would appear in a title, without explicit adjacency commands.

» adjacency operator = operador de proximidad.

Example: In addition, the adjacency operators NEARx and WITHx may be used with free-text search statements.

Adjacency synonyms

contiguity in spanish: contigüidad, pronunciation: kɑntɪguəti part of speech: noun contiguousness in spanish: contiguo, pronunciation: kɑntɪgwusnəs part of speech: noun
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