Adjoin in spanish


pronunciation: koʊlindɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
In gestures

adjoin = lindar con, colindar. 

Example: The Central Administration has moved into a former, fully renovated school building which adjoins a new, modern building for the library users and staff.

Adjoin synonyms

edge in spanish: borde, pronunciation: edʒ part of speech: noun meet in spanish: reunirse, pronunciation: mit part of speech: verb touch in spanish: toque, pronunciation: tʌtʃ part of speech: noun, verb butt in spanish: extremo, pronunciation: bʌt part of speech: noun border in spanish: frontera, pronunciation: bɔrdɜr part of speech: noun abut in spanish: apoyarse en, pronunciation: əbʌt part of speech: verb butt against in spanish: trasero contra, pronunciation: bʌtəgenst part of speech: verb butt on in spanish: a tope, pronunciation: bʌtɑn part of speech: verb
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