Adjacent in spanish


pronunciation: ɑdiɑθente part of speech: adjective
In gestures

adjacent = adyacente, próximo, cercano, junto, consecutivo, colindante. 

Example: Before him there are the two items to be joined, projected onto adjacent viewing positions.


» adjacent property = colindancia.

Example: All parking structure lighting shall be designed and oriented so as not to reflect or shine on adjacent properties.

» adjacent to = adjunto a, junto a, próximo a.

Example: Most users would appreciate disciplines placed adjacent to related disciplines.

Adjacent synonyms

close in spanish: cerrar, pronunciation: kloʊs part of speech: adverb, adjective contiguous in spanish: contiguo, pronunciation: kəntɪgjuəs part of speech: adjective near in spanish: cerca, pronunciation: nɪr part of speech: verb, adjective, adverb next in spanish: siguiente, pronunciation: nekst part of speech: adjective connected in spanish: conectado, pronunciation: kənektəd part of speech: adjective abutting in spanish: lindante con, pronunciation: əbʌtɪŋ part of speech: adjective adjoining in spanish: contiguo, pronunciation: ədʒɔɪnɪŋ part of speech: adjective side by side in spanish: lado a lado, pronunciation: saɪdbaɪsaɪd part of speech: adjective conterminous in spanish: limítrofe, pronunciation: kɑntɜrmɪnəs part of speech: adjective bordering in spanish: limítrofe, pronunciation: bɔrdɜrɪŋ part of speech: verb
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