Backup in spanish


pronunciation: ɑpoʊioʊ part of speech: noun
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back + Nombre + up = respaldar, apoyar, corroborar. 

Example: Often they use rather fancy words, such as 'theoretical models' or 'constructs' or 'paradigms' to describe what are, very frequently, no more than hypothetical ideas or categorisations which have little empirical evidence to back them up.

back up = retroceder, dar marcha atrás, echar marcha atrás, ir marcha atrás, recular. 

Example: A train cruising at full speed hit an excavator that had backed up onto the track.

backup [back-up]1 = respaldo, apoyo, sustento, sostén. 

Example: The aggressiveness of a number of publications on this subject, replete with their accusations without any backup, can be interpreted as settling of scores.


» as a backup = como segunda alternativa, como medida de seguridad, para cubrirse las espaldas.

Example: Will the electronic version become the primary mode of access/distribution with print as a backup?.

» back-up option = opción alternativa, alternativa.

Example: A back-up option is to train Bailey to poop in a litter tray that has absorbable paper in the bottom of it = Otra alternativa es adiestrar a Bailey a hacerse caca en un cajón de arena con papel absorbente en el fondo.

» backup plan = plan de emergencia, plan de seguridad.

Example: It was then found that the backup plan could not be implemented without costly and lengthy modification of the wiring system in the building.

» backup service = servicio de apoyo.

Example: ESA-IRS has backup services in various European countries.

» backup supply = sistema de emergencia.

Example: Also worthy of consideration is a battery-powered backup supply.

» backup system = sistema de emergencia, sistema de seguridad.

Example: For battery backup systems, ampere/hour capacity is the important rating to know.

backup [back-up]2 = copia de seguridad. 

Example: The operations staff makes special backup copies of the catalogs in the network, reconstructs the files in case of a serious mishap, enters new system logon names, assigns authorization levels, and so forth.


» backup copy = copia de seguridad.

Example: As has been suggested elsewhere in this book, it is axiomatic that regular backup copies of data disks be taken, in order to ensure that data are not accidentally lost.

» backup system = sistema de copias de seguridad.

Example: Steps were taken to assure that a backup system would be in place should the system fail again.

» system backup = copia de seguridad del sistema.

Example: This article discusses the production of listings, and system backup and security.

Backup synonyms

relief in spanish: alivio, pronunciation: rɪlif part of speech: noun substitute in spanish: sustituir, pronunciation: sʌbstətut part of speech: noun, verb stand-in in spanish: estar en, pronunciation: stænd part of speech: noun fill-in in spanish: rellenar, pronunciation: fɪlɪn part of speech: noun backup man in spanish: hombre de respaldo, pronunciation: bækəpmæn part of speech: noun computer backup in spanish: copia de seguridad de la computadora, pronunciation: kəmpjutɜrbækəp part of speech: noun
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