Cabbage in spanish


pronunciation: repoʊjoʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

cabbage = col, repollo. 

Example: The human brain is about the size of a grapefruit and weighs about as much as a head of cabbage.


» cabbage soup = caldo de col, caldo de repollo.

Example: Although publication of swear words was prohibited, their prevalence is indicated by the proverb: 'Speaking without swearing is like cabbage soup without tomato'.

» Chinese cabbage = repollo chino, col de China.

Example: The crops grown included endives, capsicums, lamb's lettuce, celery, leeks, Chinese cabbages and other oriental chicories.

» head of cabbage = cabeza de col, cabeza de repollo.

Example: The recipe calls for 1/2 a head of cabbage, so I have 1/2 a head left.

» leaf cabbage = col rizada.

Example: Leaf cabbage is a local vegetable widely grown and consumed mostly by the poor in southern and eastern Africa.

» red cabbage = col morada.

Example: A recipe for making them in the classroom using red cabbage and baking soda is provided.

Cabbage synonyms

abstract in spanish: resumen, pronunciation: æbstrækt part of speech: adjective, noun hook in spanish: gancho, pronunciation: hʊk part of speech: noun bread in spanish: un pan, pronunciation: bred part of speech: noun lift in spanish: levantar, pronunciation: lɪft part of speech: verb, noun sneak in spanish: furtivo, pronunciation: snik part of speech: verb, noun pinch in spanish: pellizco, pronunciation: pɪntʃ part of speech: noun, verb dough in spanish: masa, pronunciation: doʊ part of speech: noun pelf in spanish: vil metal, pronunciation: pelf part of speech: noun loot in spanish: botín, pronunciation: lut part of speech: noun, verb swipe in spanish: golpe fuerte, pronunciation: swaɪp part of speech: noun, verb lucre in spanish: lucro, pronunciation: lukɜr part of speech: noun purloin in spanish: hurtar, pronunciation: pɜrlɔɪn part of speech: verb kale in spanish: col rizada, pronunciation: keɪl part of speech: noun pilfer in spanish: robar a, pronunciation: pɪlfɜr part of speech: verb moolah in spanish: Moolah, pronunciation: mulə part of speech: noun dinero in spanish: dinero, pronunciation: dɪneroʊ part of speech: noun filch in spanish: sisar, pronunciation: fɪltʃ part of speech: verb chou in spanish: chou, pronunciation: tʃu part of speech: noun snarf in spanish: snarf, pronunciation: snɑrf part of speech: verb gelt in spanish: gelt, pronunciation: gelt part of speech: noun nobble in spanish: ejercer presión sobre, pronunciation: nɑbəl part of speech: verb shekels in spanish: plata, pronunciation: ʃekəlz part of speech: noun brassica oleracea in spanish: brassica oleracea, pronunciation: brəsikəɑlɜreɪsiə part of speech: noun cultivated cabbage in spanish: repollo cultivado, pronunciation: kʌltəveɪtədkæbədʒ part of speech: noun
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