Cabinet in spanish


pronunciation: gɑbinete part of speech: noun
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cabinet1 = armario. 

Example: This article describes the main options available (filing cabinets, open shelving, cabinets, carousels, mobile racking, rotary storage) and assesses how these can be applied.


» bathroom cabinet = armario de baño, armario de aseo, armario de cuarto de baño.

Example: The bathroom cabinet carcass is made of plywood.

» cabinet file = carpeta. [Carpeta que se utiliza en los archivadores]

Example: A wide range of pamphlet and leaflet material was collected and arranged in cabinet files under topic heads such as health, employment, child welfare.

» cabinet maker = ebanista. 

Example: Selection, in this broad sense, is a stone adze in the hands of a cabinet maker = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que acaban con esta terminación.

» cabinet-making = ebanistería.

Example: Originally published around 1900, this is an exhaustively detailed guide to cabinet-making and woodwork for the amateur craftsmen.

» cabinet storage = almacenamiento en archivadores, almacenamiento en armarios.

Example: Feedback showed that microfilm open shelving had a definite advantage over cabinet storage.

» catalogue cabinet = gaveta. [Catálogo como pieza de mobiliario]

Example: Cards are filed in drawers, approximately 1000 cards per drawer, which when stacked together may form a catalogue cabinet.

» file cabinet = archivador.

Example: She restored the Williams folder to its place in her file cabinet, and as she turned around she saw the slender figure of Arnold Carmichael standing on the threshold of her office.

» filing cabinet = archivador, archivo.

Example: Photographs are normally kept in drawers of standard filing cabinets, with folders or pockets, or both.

» glass cabinet = vitrina.

Example: We sell hundreds of display cases and glass cabinets to companies all across America.

» kitchen cabinet = armario de cocina.

Example: In my video, you'll discover that glazing kitchen cabinets is very easy to do and produces stunning results.

» map cabinet = archivador de mapas.

Example: Only part of a library collection will normally be visible on shelves, in filing cabinets, in map cabinets, and so on.

» medicine cabinet = botiquín.

Example: While you may think that an item can give life to the bathroom, it may not complement other items when placed next to the vanity mirror, medicine cabinet or side table.

» security cabinet, the = gabinete de seguridad, el .

Example: On September 5th, the security cabinet deliberated for the last time, and voted to strike.

Cabinet, the2 = gabinete ministerial. 

Example: It began with a study of the system used in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and led to the issue of guidelines in booklet form on the disposal of information from that system.


» cabinet minister = ministro.

Example: The author draws on her experience as a cabinet minister to provide librarians and library trustees with useful tips on lobbying politicians.

» cabinet reshuffle = remodelación del gabinete.

Example: Helen Clark is refusing to say how big a cabinet reshuffle will be in the wake of David Benson's sacking.

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console in spanish: consola, pronunciation: kɑnsoʊl part of speech: noun, verb locker in spanish: armario, pronunciation: lɑkɜr part of speech: noun storage locker in spanish: Casillero de almacenamiento, pronunciation: stɔrədʒlɑkɜr part of speech: noun
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