Cage in spanish


pronunciation: xɑulɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

cage1 = jaula. 

Example: No one ever arrived without some mishap at the two large cages at the far end of that gloomy room.


» bird cage = jaula.

Example: So, he cleaned the bird cage from top to bottom and threw out all the mothy bird seed.

» chicken cage = jaula para pollos, jaula para gallinas.

Example: This feed additive is nothing more than chicken feces, feathers and uneaten chicken feed collected from the floor of crowded chicken cages.

» metal cage = jaula de metal.

Example: We step into the metal cage, Mike tells us to hold on, pushes a lever and we begin to ascend, with a judder at first, then smoothly.

» rattle + Posesivo + cage = incitar polémica, irritar.

Example: The author maintains that his poem makes an attempt to rattle the cage and is a gesture toward revolt, a call to abandon any vision of human life that does not embrace the sexual universe.

» rebar cage = armadura, emparrillado. [Utilizada en el hormigón armado]

Example: The rebar cage must be placed in the center of the foundation 6 inches (150 millimeters) from the top.

» rib cage = caja torácica.

Example: The size and robustness of the rib fragment suggest a rib cage similar in size to that of a modern American bison.

cage2 = enjaular, encerrar en una jaula, meter en una jaula. 

Example: Librarians can be caged too tightly in restrictive management structures, whereas rapid development is going ahead in less restricted contexts.

Cage synonyms

coop in spanish: cooperativa, pronunciation: kup part of speech: noun batting cage in spanish: jaula de bateo, pronunciation: bætɪŋkeɪdʒ part of speech: noun cage in in spanish: jaula en, pronunciation: keɪdʒɪn part of speech: verb
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