Dart in spanish


pronunciation: dɑɹ̩doʊ part of speech: noun, verb
In gestures

dart1 = dardo. 

Example: Darts and snooker have both become favourite television programmes in society today.


» dartboard = tablero de dardos, diana de dardos.

Example: Pork scratchings behind the bar, a well-used dartboard in the corner and a fug of smoke hanging over the tables are all hallmarks of the traditional English pub.

dart2 = lanzar, lanzarse, precipitarse, apresurarse. 

Example: 'That wouldn't be my problem,' Stanton said darting a sardonic glance at her antagonist.


» dart onto = entrar rápidamente.

Example: The word 'humongous' first darted onto the linguistic stage only about 1968 but hit the big time almost immediately and has been with us ever since.

» dart out (of) = salir disparado, salir volando, salir pitando, irse corriendo, salir corriendo, salir apresuradamente, marcharse de prisa, marcharse apresuradamente, salir echando leches, salir como una flecha, salir disparado como una bala, salir disparado como un cohete, salir echando humo.

Example: It was there that my husband about jumped out of his skin when he saw a shadowy figure suddenly dart out of the kitchen.

Dart synonyms

shoot in spanish: disparar, pronunciation: ʃut part of speech: verb, noun dash in spanish: guión, pronunciation: dæʃ part of speech: noun, verb flash in spanish: destello, pronunciation: flæʃ part of speech: noun fleet in spanish: flota, pronunciation: flit part of speech: noun flutter in spanish: aleteo, pronunciation: flʌtɜr part of speech: noun, verb flit in spanish: revolotear, pronunciation: flɪt part of speech: verb, noun scud in spanish: carrera, pronunciation: skʌd part of speech: noun scoot in spanish: largarse, pronunciation: skut part of speech: verb
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