Fairly in spanish


pronunciation: bɑstɑnte part of speech: adverb
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fairly = equitativamente, imparcialmente, justamente. 

Example: Catalogues based on outdated classification schemes can hardly be used fairly as ammunition in an attack on the classified catalogue as such.


» fairly + Adjetivo = bastante + Adjetivo.

Example: It is fairly common to have to modify a standard list, or compile a fresh list when a new application is envisaged.

» fairly often = con bastante frecuencia.

Example: Fairly often this sort of libraries have been equipped with a computer.

» fairly + Verbo = bastante bien.

Example: The survey was weighted demographically and fairly represents the online population of all countries = El cuestionario se ponderó demográficamente y representa bastante bien la población con acceso a Internet de todos los países.

» treat + Nombre + fairly = tratar justamente, recibir un trato justo.

Example: Once elected, the chair is responsible for maintaining discipline and ensuring that all students are treated fairly.

Fairly synonyms

fair in spanish: justa, pronunciation: fer part of speech: adjective, noun clean in spanish: limpiar, pronunciation: klin part of speech: adjective, verb somewhat in spanish: algo, pronunciation: sʌmwʌt part of speech: adverb middling in spanish: regular, pronunciation: mɪdəlɪŋ part of speech: noun moderately in spanish: moderadamente, pronunciation: mɑdɜrətli part of speech: adverb reasonably in spanish: razonablemente, pronunciation: rizənəbli part of speech: adverb passably in spanish: bastante, pronunciation: pæsəbli part of speech: adverb evenhandedly in spanish: imparcialmente, pronunciation: evənhændɪdli part of speech: adverb within reason in spanish: dentro de lo razonable, pronunciation: wɪðɪnrizən part of speech: adverb without favoring one party in spanish: sin favorecer a una de las partes, pronunciation: wɪθaʊtfeɪvɜrɪŋwʌnpɑrti part of speech: adverb

Fairly antonyms

unfairly pronunciation: ənferli part of speech: adverb immoderately pronunciation: ɪmɑdɜrətli part of speech: adverb unreasonably pronunciation: ənrizənəbli part of speech: adverb
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