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pronunciation: fe part of speech: noun
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faith = fe, creencia religiosa. 

Example: This may be seen as a good or a bad thing, depending on your faith in the market forces and laisser-faire of Prestel or the benign dictatorship of the BBC and ITV.


» accept + Nombre + on faith = aceptar Algo sin cuestionar, aceptar Algo por fe.

Example: If it sounds legitimate and you want to believe it then try to verify it first somehow, don't just accept it on faith.

» act in + good faith = actuar de buena fe, obrar de buena fe.

Example: A defendant acts in good faith when he has an honest belief that his actions will not result in severe pain or suffering.

» act of faith = acto de fe.

Example: By and large, the introduction of such services has been an act of faith by librarians committed to the idea.

» as a sign of + Posesivo + good faith = en señal de + Posesivo + buena fe.

Example: Along with the sales contract, you may also be asked to make a deposit, called earnest money, as a sign of your good faith or seriousness of your offer to buy the house.

» blind faith = fe ciega.

Example: His faith was pretty blind and his arrogance, luckily, borne with uncomplaining good humor by his colleagues.

» Catholic faith = fe católica.

Example: The writer reflects on his wavering Catholic faith.

» conviction of faith = convicción religiosa.

Example: This tends to work best if both persons have similar convictions of faith and have a good relationship with the spiritual advisor.

» crisis of faith = crisis de fe.

Example: Its powerful title story explores a crisis of faith experienced by a formerly devout Jew living in a 1930s Bronx tenement.

» defender of faith = defensor de la fe.

Example: One controversy surrounding the Prince's future accesion to the throne is his decision to be known as the 'Defender of Faith', as opposed to the traditional 'Defender of the Faith'.

» faith healer = curandero.

Example: The Philippines is renowned for its faith healers, who often perform surgery without knives.

» faith leader = líder religioso.

Example: As negotiators continue to grapple with the draft text for a climate deal, faith leaders add their weight to the global call for a fossil free future.

» faith will move mountains = la fe mueve montañas.

Example: A wise man once said 'Faith will move mountains but you better bring along your shovel and be prepared to help with the work'.

» good faith = buena fe, buena voluntad, buena intención, buena disposición.

Example: The offer shall be accompanied by a certified check for one hundred thousand dollars, as a guaranty of good faith.

» have + faith (in) = tener fe (en), confiar (en).

Example: To reinvigorate libraries for the future, librarians must focus on mission not method; they must seek solutions that are new and creative; and they must have faith in themselves.

» in good faith = de buena fe, de buena voluntad, con buenas intenciones, con la mejor voluntad del mundo, sin malas intenciones.

Example: If one side gives in on something, take it in good faith, don't take advantage of it, and be willing to yield something in return.

» leap of faith = salto de fe, acto de fe, salto al vacío.

Example: They can't quite believe their eyes and refuse to make the leap of faith to accept that a 3.4 megapixel sensor can produce such quality.

» lose + Posesivo + faith = perder la fe.

Example: They had lost their way; most had completely lost sight of the founders' vision, and the few who could still see it had lost their faith in its potential for fulfillment.

» religious faith = fe religiosa.

Example: He highlights the fact that the amount of time spent lying, dissimulating, and conforming in matters of religious faith was a huge issue in the 16th century.

» take + a leap of faith = dar un salto de fe, lanzarse al vacío, dar un salto al vacío, dar un salto hacia lo desconocido.

Example: If following your heart's desire seems crazy but not following it is becoming more and more difficult, your choices come down to taking a leap of faith or living with the regret of never having tried.

» take + Nombre + on faith = aceptar Algo sin cuestionar, aceptar Algo por fe.

Example: We take it on faith that everything our parents told us was true, and that our teachers never lied.

» unshakeable faith = fe inquebrantable.

Example: In the face of resistance, public ridicule, or even mortal danger, these women listened to their hearts and their unshakeable faith.

Faith synonyms

trust in spanish: confianza, pronunciation: trʌst part of speech: noun, verb religion in spanish: religión, pronunciation: rɪlɪdʒən part of speech: noun religious belief in spanish: creencia religiosa, pronunciation: rɪlɪdʒəsbɪlif part of speech: noun
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