Fall in spanish


pronunciation: oʊtoʊnjoʊ part of speech: verb, noun
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fall1 = descenso, disminución, caída, bajada, desplome, baja. 

Example: There has been a rapid increase in the number and costs of science, technology and medicine scholarly titles in recent years, and a fall in subscriptions.


» break + Posesivo + fall = amortiguar la caída.

Example: A Chilean trapeze artist survived a dramatic plunge after he landed on a fat spectator who broke his fall.

» cushion + Posesivo + fall = amortiguar la caída, romper la caída.

Example: When a 5-year-old fell out of a third story apartment window, she was holding a stuffed toy, which helped cushion her fall.

» fall-back [fallback] = seguridad, vuelta atrás, último recurso.

Example: The program has been enhanced to provide system security and the various levels of fall-back operation in the event of system failure.

» fall from grace = caída en desgracia.

Example: His fall from grace may have been due to his presumption in using Hatshepsut's temple for his own devotional purposes.

» fall guy = inocentón, cabeza de turco, chivo expiatorio.

Example: This biopic of the serial killer Ted Bundy portraying him as a sex maniac and a grotesque fall guy is misguided.

» fall in temperature = bajada de temperatura.

Example: Heat is a form of energy that causes a rise in temperature when added or a fall in temperature when removed.

» fall into + (empty) space = caída al vacío.

Example: His fall into empty space could have been lethal.

» Fall of the Roman Empire, the = caída del imperio romano, la.

Example: This is political intrigue and scandal to rival the Fall of the Roman Empire.

» footfall = tráfico de personas, número de visitantes.

Example: Information kiosks are designed for use in any location in which there is significant footfall, including public libraries, shopping centres and railway stations.

» footfall = pisada, paso.

Example: This paper describes an electronic method for determination of the quadrupedal footfall patterns of animals during locomotion.

» free fall = caída libre.

Example: Consequently, this view implies an inmediate cognitive 'free fall' into the lower levels of semantic, morphosyntactic and lexical linguistic nature = Por consiguiente, esta visión implica una "caída libre" inmediata desde el nivel cognitivo a los niveles inferiores de naturaleza semántica, morfosintáctica y léxica.

» nightfall = anochecer, oscurecer, anochecida.

Example: Worms and parasites squirming through the body after nightfall on the battlefield.

» rainfall = lluvia, precipitaciones.

Example: This will help scientists expand their understanding of erosion, deforestation and desertification, and whether there have been any shifts in rainfall levels and shoreline changes.

» rise and fall = grandeza y decadencia, auge y decadencia.

Example: The Arabic press has been maundering on pointlessly for decades about the rise and fall of Osama bin Laden.

» shortfall [short-fall] = deficiencia, déficit, disminución.

Example: It seems likely that it is between 80-90% complete but since there are some notable absentees the shortfall in total coverage is a significant one.

» snowfall = nevada.

Example: A scene involving the book's protagonist and a snowfall, for example, might lead to talk about the reader's experience of snow.

» suffer + a fall = sufrir una caída, caerse.

Example: He was concussed after suffering a bad fall at his house.

» take + a fall = sufrir una caída, caerse.

Example: Rescue crews rescued a teenager after she took a fall while hiking this weekend.

» take + the fall for + Nombre = pagar las consecuencias, pagar el pato, pagar los platos rotos, sufrir las consecuencias, cargar con el muerto, cargar con el mochuelo.

Example: Sometimes this procedure is used to find a scapegoat or underling to take the fall for high muck-a-mucks.

fall2 = catarata, cascada, salto de agua. 

Example: Vast lakes, awesome falls and runnable rapids make a trip along this river dazzling and challenging.


» Niagara Falls = Cataratas del Niágara.

Example: An example is a pan of Niagara Falls from the Canadian side.

» waterfall = catarata, cascada, salto de agua.

Example: It's a fortress guarding sacred waterfalls, and a cauldron of savage white-water and unrunnable rapids.

fall3 = otoño. 

Example: It was a grand day, one of those dazzling spectacular blue and gold days of early fall.


» early fall = principios del otoño.

Example: For this early fall she has already bought many shirts and jackets but what she likes most are the shoes.

» fall equinox = equinoccio de otoño.

Example: The fall equinox marks the day of equal light and dark hours that happens in late September.

» fall fashion = moda de otoño.

Example: This fall as the weather gets cooler be sure to make the most of fall fashion, read our guide on how to adjust stylishly to the weather.

» fall season = otoño, estación otoñal, temporada otoñal, estación de otoño, temporada de otoño.

Example: This fall season is all about making a bold fashion statement with trendy bright colors.

» fall semester = trimestre del otoño. [Uno de los cuatro períodos en que generalmente se divide el año académico]

Example: During the 1986 fall semester the reference departments of 2 academic libraries in Greensboro, North Carolina, conducted a survey of enquiries received on public policy issues.

» in the fall = en el otoño, en otoño.

Example: They also had two steam engines and two thrashing machines to thrash grain for the farmers in the fall.

» late fall = finales de otoño.

Example: Some vegetable varieties thrive in the cool conditions of late fall and early winter.

» over the fall = durante el otoño.

Example: In contrast, Florida's continued popularity over the fall has played a role in rising fares.

» spring forward and fall backwards = lo que en la primavera crece en otoño se cae, en la primavera los relojes se adelantan y en el otoño se atrasan.

Example: Many people may be familiar with hearing 'spring forward and fall backwards,' so that in the Spring, clocks move forward one hour and in the Fall, clocks move back one hour.

fall4 = caer, desprenderse. [Verbo irregular: pasado fell, participio fallen]

Example: There may be pale drip marks in the neighbourhood of the tranchefiles, where drops of water fell from the deckle or from the maker's hand on to the new-made sheet.


» curtain + fall = telón + caer, finalizar, acabar.

Example: The third act is of course the denouement, when everything is made clear, all the loose ends are tied up, and the curtain falls.

» fall about + laughing = desternillarse de risa, morirse de risa, partirse de risa, reírse a mandíbula batiente, mondarse de risa, troncharse de risa.

Example: I told the lads about the conversation I'd had with the skipper and they all fell about laughing.

» fall across = cruzar.

Example: A shaft of yellow sunshine fell across the carpet.

» fall + afoul of = ir en contra de, ponerse a malas con, entrar en conflicto con, indisponerse con, tener problemas con.

Example: As some of her prophecies came true, she fell afoul of the authorities and was arrested by the Holy Order.

» fall + afoul of the law = tener problemas con la ley.

Example: He is not a criminal and he should not be prevented from telling whatever story he cares to tell so long as he does not fall afoul of the law.

» fall again = recaer, volver a caer, caer de nuevo, reincidir.

Example: Unfortunately, it seems like she's falling again into what caused all her sadness.

» fall along + a continuum = seguir una escala.

Example: Evidence suggests that emerging state efforts to manage information fall along a continuum that ranges from agency-specific to formalised central management activities.

» fall apart = deshacerse, desintegrarse, desmoronarse, fracasar, venirse abajo, deteriorarse.

Example: Most of the packaging for cassettes provided by commercial vendors that are known nationwide is lousy, falls apart, looks bad, and so on.

» fall apart at + the seams = desintegrarse, deshacerse, destrozarse, desmoronarse, derrumbarse, deteriorarse.

Example: Society is falling apart at the seams, causing individuals who have not been able to cope with the changes to feel unprotected and hopeless.

» fall + asleep = quedarse dormido, dormirse.

Example: We might be bored and fall asleep.

» fall + asleep at the wheel = quedarse dormido al volante.

Example: More than one-fifth of motorway collisions are caused by drivers falling asleep at the wheel.

» fall + asleep on a clothes line = quedarse dormido en una alambre, quedarse dormido hasta haciendo el pino, quedarse dormido hasta en una fiesta de palos.

Example: I don't have any trouble getting to sleep, its always been a running joke in my family that I could fall asleep on a clothes line.

» fall + asleep on the job = quedarse dormido en el trabajo.

Example: The controller was already facing disciplinary action for falling asleep on the job on two separate occasions.

» fall away = disminuir.

Example: Despite slowing down, mining investment has not yet fallen away sharply and it has levelled out which is allowing more time for growth to rebalance.

» fall away = perder la fe, apartarse de la fe.

Example: We know the Bible well enough to know that we cannot boast that we will never fall away.

» fall away = desprenderse, caer.

Example: A couple years ago the brick line under the window started to fall away from the wall.

» fall back + asleep = volver a dormirse, volver a quedarse dormido, quedarse dormido otra vez, quedarse dormido de nuevo.

Example: My friend keeps waking up saying gibberish, starts to snore, and falls back asleep.

» fall back on = recurrir a, echar mano de.

Example: Having failed apparently with her trump card, she fell back on finesse.

» fall + backwards = caerse hacia atrás.

Example: Halfway through the prayer he screamed and fell backwards, smashing his head open on a rock.

» fall behind = rezagarse, quedarse atrás, demorarse.

Example: The Porter Public Library houses an all out effort to reach first and second grade pupils who have lost their enthusiasm for school because of falling behind in reading.

» fall behind + schedule = retrasarse, rezagarse, tener retraso, andar con retraso, ir con retraso, llevar retraso, ir retrasado, andar retrasado.

Example: A project to build a critical oil pipeline in northern Iraq has fallen more than two years behind schedule.

» fall behind + the pack = quedarse detrás de la competencia, quedarse rezagado (con respecto a la competencia), quedarse rezagado (con respecto a los demás), quedarse por debajo de la media.

Example: UK manufacturing is falling behind the pack in the revolution to apply digital technologies to industry.

» fall below = descender por debajo de.

Example: The same period had witnessed also the creation of a centralized welfare state with the simple concept of ensuring that all citizens should not fall below a certain standard of living.

» fall below + Posesivo + expectations = no estar a la altura de las expectativas, no estar a la altura de lo que se espera.

Example: As we have seen, authorship and publishing are extremely chancy occupations and, whilst it is very common for books to fall below expectations in both sales and critical acclaim, it is also not uncommon for books to exceed their expectations and this can happen with general books in the middle range.

» fall between = estar entre.

Example: In the second example, records with the terms 'catalog' and 'catalogues,' as well as any other terms in the Basic Index that fall between the two, are retrieved.

» fall (between/through) + the cracks = quedarse a medias, no conseguir ni una cosa ni otra.

Example: Thus we see many students falling between the cracks -- achieving neither mainstream success nor maintenance of their own cultural traditions.

» fall between + two stools = no ser ni una cosa ni otra, nadar entre dos aguas, estar entre dos aguas.

Example: The article is entitled 'ADONIS: a happy medium or falling between two stools'.

» fall by + the wayside = quedarse en el camino, no prosperar.

Example: Surrounded by all this frenetic activity, it is difficult for even the most objective of viewers to discern which of these initiatives will prosper and which will fall by the wayside.

» fall + deeply in love with = enamorarse locamente de, volverse loco por.

Example: Apollo fell deeply in love with Daphne, however she did not return his love.

» fall down = caerse por, rodar por.

Example: A man who fell down an uncovered drain and was stuck for three hours today spoke of his ordeal.

» fall down = caerse, caerse al suelo, desplomarse.

Example: By the time I got to the tower I was shivering and drenched in snow after falling down several times on the slippery ice.

» fall (far) behind + potential = no aprovechar + Posesivo + potencial.

Example: The article 'A few cautionary words about electronic publishing' argues that advances in microform technology have obviously fallen far behind their potential.

» fall (far) short of + an ideal = dejar mucho que desear, dejar bastante que desear.

Example: This article describes a scenario in which the training of junior staff on-the-job is discussed emphasising that the reality in New Zeland libraries falls far short of the ideal.

» fall (far) short of + a norm = no cumplir una norma, no seguir una norma.

Example: The highest of these actual rates fell short of the later norm by more than 10 per cent.

» fall (far) short of + the potential = no aprovechar el potencial.

Example: This article discusses recent progress in the design and development of operational on-line catalogues and why the current generation of on-line catalogues falls far short of that potential.

» fall + fast asleep = quedarse frito, quedarse como un tronco, quedarse como un lirón.

Example: Have you ever been lying in bed, about to fall fast asleep when your leg jerks suddenly, snapping you awake?.

» fall + flat = fracasar.

Example: The performance nevertheless falls flat due to the singers' failure to create true exhilaration.

» fall + flat on + Posesivo + face = fracasar estrepitosamente, caerse de bruces, salir el tiro por la culata.

Example: Like the bear who could take it or could leave it alone, we may find that if we lean over too far backwards we might as well fall flat on our face.

» fall for = encapricharse con, enamorarse de, aficionarse a.

Example: The article 'Falling for fiction' looks at new novels by a diverse range of 13 authors.

» fall for = tragarse, dejarse engañar.

Example: Librarians make the mistake of seeing community information as being just another type of information, and they fall for some very basic fallacies.

» fall for + a joke = creerse una broma, caer en una broma, picar en una trampa.

Example: Some people understood the joke and laughed, others fell for the joke and took it seriously.

» fall for + it = caer en la trampa, picar en una trampa, creerse una broma, caer en una broma.

Example: The classic form of April fool hoax is to present an improbable situation in such a convincing way that people fall for it on the spur of the moment but later cannot understand why they did so.

» fall forward = caerse hacia delante.

Example: He fell forward smashing his head against the metal frame of the bed.

» fall + foul of = tener problemas con, caer en desgracia.

Example: The author attempts to unravel the mystery of how Microsoft came to fall foul of the Department of Justice.

» fall + foul of the law = tener problemas con la ley.

Example: To avoid falling foul of the law, UK data users would do well to appoint a data protection coordinator.

» fall from = desprenderse, descolgarse.

Example: The notched cards, representing relevant documents, will drop off the needle and fall from the bulk of the pack.

» fall from + grace = caer en desgracia.

Example: She probably hasn't told you, Blanche, because after all you're her boss, and she can't afford to fall from grace.

» fall + head over heels (for/in love with) = enamorarse locamente de, perder la cabeza por, perder la chaveta por, estar perdidamente enamorado de.

Example: My Dad decided to end their friendship when he fell head over heels in love with the woman who is now my stepmom.

» fall + ill = caer enfermo, enfermar, ponerse enfermo.

Example: The largest group of metaphors compared firms to living (especially human) beings: companies are born, fall ill, have children, die, etc.

» fall in = caer dentro, caerse dentro.

Example: Vincent, another of the sailors, also had a narrow shave, he did not fall in but his bag did.

» fall in + action = caer en combate.

Example: The three soldiers have been declared fallen in action, but the return of their bodies is considered a national priority.

» fall in + battle = caer en batalla.

Example: Whole cities laid to waste, heroes falling in battle, death of gods, the works!.

» fall in + love with = enamorarse (de).

Example: The emperor had so fallen in love with his new game, he offered the inventor a reward of anything he wanted in the kingdom.

» fall (in) + silence = quedarse callado.

Example: That very night, Mom, wearing an oxygen mask and panting noisily, took her last gasp of air and fell in silence.

» fall into = incluir dentro de, agrupar, clasificar.

Example: References will also be necessary, and will fall into the same types as those identified for personal authors, that is, 'see', 'see also', and explanatory references.

» fall into = formar, constituir, encajar, pertenecer.

Example: Certain words may fall into a short list of 35 common words such as analysis, which do not give rise to inversion within the cross-reference.

» fall into = entrar dentro de, caer dentro de.

Example: Suddenly, the smell struck his nostrils -- the pungency of processed corn syrup, as if the car had gone off the road and fallen into the neck of a gigantic bottle of syrup.

» fall into + category = entrar dentro de una categoría, incluir en una categoría.

Example: Many medical enquiries also fall into this category, eg, 'What is conjunctivitis?'.

» fall into + debt = endeudarse, entramparse.

Example: Luck was against him and he fell deeper and deeper into debt.

» fall into + decline = empezar a empeorar, empezar a deteriorarse, entrar en declive, ir en declive, caer en decadencia, entrar en decadencia.

Example: After the Romans left, the city of London fell into a decline.

» fall into + despair = desesperarse.

Example: Everyone, however, at some time in their lives, falls into despair, which can present the opportunity to be oneself.

» fall into + desuetude = caer en desuso.

Example: Probably only one in a hundred girls who give birth clandestinely even knows that an edict of King Henry II, now fallen into desuetude, once made their action punishable by death.

» fall into + disfavour = caer en desuso, caer en desgracia.

Example: The printed catalogue has fallen into disfavour, and been replaced by card catalogues, and, more recently, on-line catalogues.

» fall into + disgrace = caer en desgracia.

Example: Once a popular heavyweight champion, he rapidly achieved success but this was only equaled with the speed which he fell into disgrace.

» fall into + disrepair = deteriorarse.

Example: His bodily frame, verging on obesity, appeared to have fallen into disrepair, as though he had ceased to be interested in it.

» fall into + disrepute = caer en descrédito, caer en desgracia, desacreditarse.

Example: By the fifteenth century the practice of uroscopy was falling into disrepute.

» fall into + disuse = caer en desuso, pasar de moda.

Example: However, from the sixties, competition for the railway worker's leisure time from public libraries, service clubs and the humble television meant that many branch libraries fell into disuse.

» fall into + (empty) space = caer al vacío, precipitarse al vacío, caer en la nada.

Example: People thought that the world was flat and one would fall into space if you sailed over the horizon.

» fall into + enemy hands = caer en manos enemigas.

Example: Crucial information too important to be allowed to appear in periodicals, which might fall into enemy hands, was printed in the form of individual papers in a limited number of copies.

» fall into/in + place = cuajar, aclararse, empezar a ir bien.

Example: It's really falling into place for us, but we have to keep doing it, week in and week out.

» fall in(to) + line = aceptar, alinearse, ponerse en fila, formar fila, emparejarse, conjuntarse, adherirse, estar de acuerdo con.

Example: One by one they fell into line, leaving the Czech Republic and Britain as the only non-signatories.

» fall into + oblivion = caer en el olvido.

Example: The whole civilization, having lost both past and future, would finally find itself on the verge of collapsing and falling into oblivion.

» fall into + obscurity = desvanecerse, evanescerse, desaparecer, caer en el olvido, caer en la oscuridad.

Example: The acid rain literature illustrated the 1st paradigm, where journals from the unadjusted literature were thrust forward in the adjusted literature, and no unadjusted journal fell into obscurity.

» fall into + parts = dividirse en partes.

Example: This paper attempts to take a look at three pertinent areas of concern and consequently this paper falls into three parts.

» fall (in)to + ruin(s) = convertirse en ruinas, quedar en ruinas, destrozarse, derrumbarse, arruinarse.

Example: The abbey fell into ruin after the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII, and now very little of it remains.

» fall into + step = ir al mismo paso, andar al mismo paso, ir al mismo ritmo, andar al mismo ritmo.

Example: I called her to heel and she fell into step nicely, but after a few paces she veered left to go sniff something.

» fall into + temptation = caer en la tentación.

Example: So don't fall into the temptation of thinking that more is always better.

» fall into + the ambit of = entrar dentro del ámbito de.

Example: Whereas the other creations of the human mind which fall into the ambit of the Copyright Act, such as artistic works, drawings, photographs and the like, are clearly defined and well understood, it is shown that the explanation given for literary works is inadequate for the purpose.

» fall into + the clutches of = caer en las garras de.

Example: Would you rather fall into the clutches of an evil genius or an evil moron?.

» fall into + the error of = caer en el error de, cometer el error de.

Example: Behavioral scientists have fallen into the error of assuming that employees resent job structuring and autocratic leadership.

» fall into + the hands of = caer en manos de.

Example: I would rather a great book or a great picture fell into the hands of the corporation than into the hands of an individual.

» fall into + the same fault = cometer la misma falta, caer en la misma falta.

Example: On the odd occasion I have given a brother a word of admonition, only to find myself fall into the same fault shortly afterwards.

» fall into + the snare = caer en la trampa.

Example: Perhaps guided by caprice or a dream, we all can fall into the snares of destiny without realizing it = Quizás guiados por un capricho o por un sueño, todos podemos caer en las trampas del destino sin darnos cuenta.

» fall into + the trap = caer en la trampa.

Example: It is very easy to fall into the trap of enjoying the act of telling stories and reading aloud so much that the children never get a chance to read themselves.

» fall into + the void = caer al vacío, precipitarse al vacío, caer en la nada.

Example: In the commotion, Jehan Baig lost his footing and fell into the void.

» fall into + the wrong hands = no caer en buenas manos.

Example: Traditionally, placing information in print, CD-ROM or online database format runs the risk of the information falling into the wrong hands or of being illicitly copied.

» fall in with = aceptar, acceder a, adherirse a.

Example: Stanton fell in with the suggestion readily.

» fall like + a bombshell = caer como una bomba, caer como un rayo.

Example: The news fell like a bombshell on close to 900 employees who still do not know how many people will lose their jobs.

» fall + madly in love with = enamorarse locamente de.

Example: Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.

» fall off = disminuir.

Example: When the recording procedures were removed study time fell off immediately.

» fall off = caerse, precipitarse.

Example: The article has the title 'Bringing the mountain to Mohammed without falling off the cliff of unmanageable technology'.

» fall off of = descolgarse de, caerse de, desprenderse de.

Example: So, even if one of the many libraries falls off of the information food chain in some way, the others will be always be there for us.

» fall off + the bone = desprenderse fácilmente del hueso.

Example: Slow cooking chuck beef will give you succulent meat that falls off the bone.

» fall on + barren ground = caer en terreno baldío, caer en barbecho.

Example: Among the many seminal ideas which flowed from Freud's fertile pen, there was one which appears to have fallen on barren ground -- the concept of an inherent death instinct in man.

» fall on + fallow ground = caer en terreno baldío, caer en barbecho.

Example: Without these skills, most policies and action plans will fall on fallow ground.

» fall on + Posesivo + back = caer de espaldas.

Example: When I saw what he was up to, I drew back for a punch and hit him so hard on the nose that he fell on his back and lay there for some time, so that his wife stood over him and cried out 'Mercy! You've done my husband in!'.

» fall on + Posesivo + feet = caer de pie, salir todo bien, salir todo redondo, aparecérsele la virgen a Alguien.

Example: However it seems the he has fallen on his feet with a promising career ahead of him that all started from a karaoke night.

» fall on + stony ground = caer en terreno pedregoso, caer en saco roto.

Example: It is scarcely possible for departments of library studies to offer courses in humility, or enthusiasm, or persistence, still less to set examinations in them, and simple exhortations to such virtues might today fall on stony ground.

» fall onto = caer sobre.

Example: It appeared that the digger came loose on the trailer and fell onto the stone wall.

» fall out = desprenderse, caerse.

Example: In time, however, the rubber on which these gurta percha (or caoutchouc) bindings depended perished, and the leaves fell out.

» fall out = desvanecerse, evanescerse, diluirse.

Example: So when the 1908 ALA rules superseded Cutter's rules, the whole provision for bringing together editions fell out, and we didn't have them until the AACR.

» fall out = pelearse, enemistarse.

Example: The two men fell out shortly after the project started -- with the tragic result that Seymour shot himself.

» fall out (of) = caerse de, salirse de, salirse y caerse.

Example: Rods may hold the cards in the drawer and stops may prevent drawers from falling out the cabinet.

» fall out of + discussion = perder interés.

Example: This film touches on abortion, an issue that, like any other subject that affects women has fallen out of discussion.

» fall out of + discussion = perder interés.

Example: This film touches on abortion, an issue that, like any other subject that affects women has fallen out of discussion.

» fall out of + fashion = caer en desuso, pasar de modo.

Example: Rotundas were widely used for all but the most formal texts in the fifteenth century, but fell out of fashion during the sixteenth century, surviving longest in Spain.

» fall out of + favour = caer en desgracia, caer en desuso, perder popularidad, pasar de moda.

Example: At first he was a close political advisor to Charles II, although he later fell out of favour and was forced into exile.

» fall out of + step = descoordinarse.

Example: Salaries and other features of the job market have fallen out of step with one another.

» fall out of + vogue = pasar de moda.

Example: He points out that these metaphors fell out of vogue in the early 1980s.

» fall outside = caer fuera de.

Example: These issues demonstrably fall outside the likely preoccupations of IT-based information specialists with organisational concerns.

» fall outside + Posesivo + interest = caer fuera del interés de uno.

Example: The description of documents in catalogue entries is called descriptive cataloguing and this also falls outside our present interest.

» fall outside + the scope of = caer fuera del alcance de, caer fuera del objetivo de.

Example: An in-depth discussion about most elements of developing library plans fall outside the scope of this article.

» fall out with = pelearse con, enemistarse con.

Example: From shooting stars to fallen stars, we look at the top 5 celebrites who've fallen out with fame.

» fall over = caerse.

Example: The sack race and three-legged race have been banned from a school sports day because the children might fall over and hurt themselves.

» fall over + backwards = caerse hacia atrás.

Example: The incident happened after the woman fell over backwards onto the escalator and was dragged up.

» fall over + backwards = hacer lo imposible, desvivirse, hacer encaje de bolillos.

Example: The problem is that the politicians fall over backwards to pander to tribal leaders.

» fall over + each other's feet = tropezar una persona con otra.

Example: Frantic assistants fell over each other's feet trying to retrieve tickets from the rows and rows of issue trays = Los frenéticos auxiliares tropezaban unos con otros intentando coger los tickets de las filas y filas de cajones de préstamo.

» fall over + Reflexivo + to = desvivirse por.

Example: Here, landowners are falling over themselves to offer up their land for a nice juicy profit with little or no effort on their part.

» fall + passionately in love with = enamorarse perdidamente de, enamorarse apasionadamente de.

Example: We tend to fall passionately in love with people who are relatively good looking, personable, affectionate and similar to ourselves.

» fall + prey to = ser víctima de, caer presa de, caer en la garras de.

Example: Administrators all too easily fall prey to the siren song of cost reduction, especially if phrases like innovation are employed as harmonic accompaniment.

» fall + short = presentar deficiencias, quedarse corto.

Example: He was also to compare us to the most recent ALA standards to see where we fall short.

» fall + short of = no cumplir, quedarse corto, no llegar a.

Example: This, however, falls short of exploiting the full potential of the microcomputer to revolutionize the way in which business documents, memoranda, reports etc. are produced and disseminated.

» fall (far) short of + completeness = no estar finalizado (con mucho).

Example: Even with such a limitation and many later supplementations by various hands, by way of addition, correction and amplification, it falls far short of completeness.

» fall (far) short of + criteria = no cumplir unos criterios, no satisfacer unos criterios.

Example: Libraries, therefore, fall far short of the criteria of Peters and Waterman.

» fall (far) short of + Gerundio = no llegar a + Infinitivo (con mucho), no alcanzar a + Infinitivo (con mucho).

Example: This, however, falls short of exploiting the full potential of the microcomputer to revolutionize the way in which business documents, memoranda, reports, etc. are produced and disseminated.

» fall + short of goal = no cumplir un objetivo.

Example: Library of Congress treatment of Jewish materials falls short of the goals of access and equity.

» fall + short of ideal = no llegar a un ideal.

Example: Such efforts still fall short of the ideal envisaged by librarians.

» fall + short of + Posesivo + promise = no cumplir lo prometido.

Example: There is growing unease in management circles that IT investments are falling short of their promise.

» fall + short of + Posesivo + expectations = no cumplir las expectativas, no cumplir lo esperado.

Example: The quality and quantity of interactive multimedia in institutions of higher education has fallen short of expectations.

» fall + short of requirements = no cumplir unos requisitos.

Example: She then discussed strategies employed when reports fall short of requirements.

» fall + silent = quedarse en silencio.

Example: 'Do you have any thoughts about what she could do?,' Florence said and then fell silent.

» fall + square on = coincidir, cuadrar.

Example: The pressman's first task with a new book was to make register, which meant laying on the first forme relative to the bed of the press and the press points so that, when the paper was printed on one side, turned over, and replaced on the points, the pages of the second forme would fall square on the backs of those of the first.

» fall through = caerse colándose por.

Example: A newborn baby has fallen through the toilet on a moving train after being prematurely born.

» fall through = fracasar, no tener lugar, malograrse, no materializarse.

Example: The sale fell through recently, after the buyer was unable to come up with the money.

» fall through + the net = escaparse de la red, escaparse.

Example: For several years the library has had a successful arrangement with a local bookstore to supply it with unusual and important local material that would otherwise fall through the net of its collection development effort = Desde hace varios años, la biblioteca mantiene un acuerdo satisfactorio con una librería local para que le suministre fondo local importante y poco común que, de otro modo, se le escaparía en el desarrollo de la colección.

» fall through + the net = escaparse de los beneficios de Internet. [Expresión con la que se describe a aquellas personas que generalmente por su situación geográfica o económica no tienen acceso a Internet y que, por ello, pierden ciertos beneficios]

Example: In the US, in spite of efforts to extend Internet access to a broad population, some segments of the population are 'falling through the net,' to their economic peril = En los Estados Unidos, a pesar de los esfuerzos por extender el acceso a Internet a la población en general, algunos sectores "se escapan de los beneficios de Internet", con el riesgo económico que esto implica.

» fall to = descender a.

Example: When Britain coolly marked, if not celebrated, the tenth anniversary of membership, the number of telephone calls had fallen to an avarage of ten a week.

» fall to = corresponder a.

Example: In England, this job fell to the nightmen, who came after dark to cart the city waste into the countryside for fertilizer.

» fall to + bits = caerse en pedazos, caerse a pedazos, hacerse pedazos, desmoronarse, deshacerse en pedazos, abatirse, descuajaringarse.

Example: If you leave it there for a few months, your bike will rust, perish and fall to bits.

» fall to + pieces = caerse en pedazos, caerse a pedazos, hacerse pedazos, desmoronarse, deshacerse en pedazos, abatirse, descuajaringarse.

Example: One must accept that it is impossible to satisfy all people all the time; this author has seen several prison librarians fall to pieces, while the librarian was drowning in details.

» fall to + Posesivo + knees = caer de rodillas, ponerse de rodillas.

Example: She fell to her knees, the water now lapping at her midriff.

» fall to + the ground = caerse al suelo.

Example: When he fell to the ground, out of nowhere, a woman rushed to his side and embraced him.

» fall under = componer, constituir, formar parte de, ser parte de, entrar dentro de.

Example: It is the type of compound that is of primary importance to researchers in chemistry, not the total sum of individual compounds that fall under it.

» fall under + rubric = entrar dentro de una categoría.

Example: The reality is that such a wide variety of coercive instruments fall under this rubric that it is nearly impossible to distinguish non-lethal from lethal weaponry.

» fall under + suspicion = caer bajo sospecha.

Example: Bennett fell under suspicion and was arrested and charged.

» fall under + the auspices of = estar bajo la tutela de, entrar dentro de la responsabilidad de.

Example: UK public libraries fall under the auspices of the Department of National Heritage.

» fall under + the heading of = entrar dentro de la categoría de.

Example: These aspects fall under the headings of: manpower; recruitment; training; appraisal; motivation; communication; and use of time.

» fall under + the jurisdiction of = entrar dentro de la jurisdicción de, entrar dentro de la responsabilidad de.

Example: Under India's constitution, libraries fall under the jurisdiction of the states, the central government having little control.

» fall under + the power of = caer bajo el poder de, caer en las garras de, caer bajo el yugo de.

Example: By the fortune of war, they fell under the power of the British army.

» fall + under the purview of = entrar dentro de la competencia de.

Example: Special libraries which operate under an autonomous hand may not fall under the purview of the local civil service agency.

» fall under + the purview of = entrar bajo la competencia de, entrar dentro de la responsabilidad de.

Example: Special libraries may not fall under the purview of the local authorities.

» fall under + the spell of = caer bajo el hechizo de.

Example: Experts confirmed this week that the U.S. populace appears to have fallen under the spell of yet another pink-faced half-wit.

» fall under + the umbrella of = entrar dentro del dominio de.

Example: Traditional classification schemes are found unsuitable for women's issues because they do not cover the length and breath of issues which now fall under the umbrella of women and development.

» fall (up)on + deaf ears = caer en oídos sordos, hacer caso omiso, ser como predicar en el desierto, caer en el vacío, caer en saco roto.

Example: I realize that our pleas are no doubt continuing to fall on deaf ears at Thomson.

» fall + victim to = ser víctima de, dejarse llevar por.

Example: But once the Community becomes an object of ridicule in the minds of the public, truth falls victim to ignorance and prejudice.

» fall within/into = caer dentro de, estar dentro de, entrar en.

Example: The user then receives, on a regular basis, notifications of new documents or information which fall within the topic specified in his profile.

» fall within + Posesivo + purview = entrar dentro de la competencia de Alguien.

Example: A variety of organisations have established lists of endangered, threatened, or rare species of wildlife that fall within their purview.

» fall within + the ambit of = entrar en el ámbito de.

Example: Knotty problems such as which of a series of publishers names and places of publication to record, fall within the ambit of a cataloguing code.

» fall within + the province of = caer dentro de la competencia de.

Example: They do not fall within the province of the common auxiliaries, nor are they all directly enumerated in class 911 as compound subjects.

» free fall = caer al vacío.

Example: If I were in an elevator that was free falling, would it help at all if I perfectly timed a jump before it hit the ground floor?.

» make + the roof fall in on + Pronombre = hacer que se paguen las consecuencias.

Example: If we turn Albert down, the union could make the roof fall in on us and you, as a member of the union, may become something of a pariah.

» meat + fall off + the bone = carne + desprenderse del hueso.

Example: Ham hocks should simmer for a couple of hours until the meat is ready to fall off the bone; then cut into bite or serving size pieces.

» night + fall = noche + caer, anochecer, oscurecer, atardecer.

Example: Finally, as night fell, we reached our last destination.

» plan + fall through = planes + fracasar.

Example: Her plans for the night fell through, none of her friends were around, and her husband was out with the guys.

» price + fall = precio + caer, precio + bajar, precio + descender.

Example: Milk powder prices fell for a second month as production in Europe and the US increased and concerns eased that drought would reduce global supplies.

» responsibility + fall to = responsabilidad + corresponder a, responsabilidad + competer a.

Example: The responsibility for the management of this resource generally falls to the organization's library or information service.

» snow + fall = nieve + caer, nevar.

Example: If it's late fall or early in the winter (after the plant has shed its leaves but before snow has fallen), you can also do some pruning to shape the wisteria vine.

» spotlight + fall on = centrar la atención en.

Example: As analysis allows the spotlight to fall on those portions of the community that are unserved, an imperative next step involves outreach efforts that are specifically targetted to those groups.

» the bottom + fall out of the market = la economía + desplomarse, el mercado + desplomarse.

Example: When the bottom fell out of the market, the couple were forced to move back into Gina's childhood home, which, after the inconveniently-timed death of her mother, no one would buy.

» the (full) brunt of + Nombre + fall upon/on = todo el peso de + Nombre + recaer sobre/en, todo el peso de + Nombre + caer sobre/en.

Example: However, the brunt of the task necessarily fell upon the Commission which was obliged to set up the most elaborate procedures to organize its publications.

» the world + fall + at + Posesivo + feet = el mundo + rendirse + a + Posesivo + pies.

Example: All she had to do was bat those golden eyelashes, toss those golden curls, and the world fell at her feet.

» words + fall on + deaf ears = palabras + caer en + saco roto.

Example: But her words fell on deaf ears: The two employees remained adamant -- either Florence worked overtime too, or they would not.

the world + fall + at + Posesivo + feet = el mundo + rendirse + a + Posesivo + pies. 

Example: All she had to do was bat those golden eyelashes, toss those golden curls, and the world fell at her feet.

Fall synonyms

light in spanish: ligero, pronunciation: laɪt part of speech: noun, adjective strike in spanish: Huelga, pronunciation: straɪk part of speech: noun, verb pass in spanish: pasar, pronunciation: pæs part of speech: verb, noun come in spanish: ven, pronunciation: kʌm part of speech: verb drop in spanish: soltar, pronunciation: drɑp part of speech: noun, verb flow in spanish: fluir, pronunciation: floʊ part of speech: noun hang in spanish: colgar, pronunciation: hæŋ part of speech: verb pin in spanish: alfiler, pronunciation: pɪn part of speech: noun, verb accrue in spanish: acumularse, pronunciation: əkru part of speech: verb return in spanish: regreso, pronunciation: rɪtɜrn part of speech: noun, verb shine in spanish: brillar, pronunciation: ʃaɪn part of speech: verb, noun decline in spanish: disminución, pronunciation: dɪklaɪn part of speech: noun, verb precipitate in spanish: precipitado, pronunciation: prɪsɪpɪteɪt part of speech: noun, verb, adjective descent in spanish: descendencia, pronunciation: dɪsent part of speech: noun spill in spanish: derramar, pronunciation: spɪl part of speech: noun, verb diminish in spanish: disminuir, pronunciation: dɪmɪnɪʃ part of speech: verb twilight in spanish: crepúsculo, pronunciation: twaɪlaɪt part of speech: noun tumble in spanish: caída, pronunciation: tʌmbəl part of speech: verb, noun surrender in spanish: Rendición, pronunciation: sɜrendɜr part of speech: noun, verb dusk in spanish: oscuridad, pronunciation: dʌsk part of speech: noun devolve in spanish: delegar, pronunciation: dɪvɑlv part of speech: verb descend in spanish: descender, pronunciation: dɪsend part of speech: verb autumn in spanish: otoño, pronunciation: ɔtəm part of speech: noun decrease in spanish: disminución, pronunciation: dɪkris part of speech: noun, verb downfall in spanish: caída, pronunciation: daʊnfɔl part of speech: noun lessen in spanish: reducir, pronunciation: lesən part of speech: verb capitulation in spanish: capitulación, pronunciation: kəpɪtʃəleɪʃən part of speech: noun gloaming in spanish: crepúsculo, pronunciation: gloʊmɪŋ part of speech: noun nightfall in spanish: anochecer, pronunciation: naɪtfɔl part of speech: noun go down in spanish: bajar, pronunciation: goʊdaʊn part of speech: verb falling in spanish: que cae, pronunciation: fɑlɪŋ part of speech: adjective come down in spanish: baja, pronunciation: kʌmdaʊn part of speech: verb downslope in spanish: cuesta abajo, pronunciation: daʊnsloʊp part of speech: noun declivity in spanish: declividad, pronunciation: dɪklɪvɪti part of speech: noun evenfall in spanish: caída de la tarde, pronunciation: evənfɔl part of speech: noun

Fall antonyms

arise pronunciation: ɜraɪz part of speech: verb rise pronunciation: raɪz part of speech: noun, verb raise pronunciation: reɪz part of speech: verb increase pronunciation: ɪnkris part of speech: noun, verb lift pronunciation: lɪft part of speech: verb, noun upgrade pronunciation: əpgreɪd part of speech: verb, noun climb pronunciation: klaɪm part of speech: verb, noun ascent pronunciation: əsent part of speech: noun ascension pronunciation: əsenʃən part of speech: noun ascend pronunciation: əsend part of speech: verb rising pronunciation: raɪzɪŋ part of speech: noun, adjective come up pronunciation: kʌmʌp part of speech: verb go up pronunciation: goʊʌp part of speech: verb acclivity pronunciation: æklɪvɪti part of speech: noun move up pronunciation: muvʌp part of speech: verb
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