Haired in spanish


pronunciation: peludoʊ part of speech: adjective
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» black-haired = de pelo negro, de pelo oscuro.

Example: Seeing the pout on her face, Kei sighed resignedly and pointed to the bench where a pretty black-haired girl sat.

» blond(e)-haired = rubio, de pelo rubio.

Example: Once upon a time, in a far-away galaxy known as Southern California a little blonde-haired girl thought one day, she would set the world on fire.

» bushy-haired = de pelo espeso y tieso.

Example: A. Einstein is the famous bushy-haired father of relativity theory.

» copper-haired = de pelo cobrizo, con el pelo cobrizo.

Example: Rebellious, copper-haired teenager Niamh Keegan feels like a spare part in her boring, staid adopted family.

» dark-haired = de pelo negro, de pelo oscuro.

Example: He was a lady-killer -- tall, dark-haired, handsome in his army officer's uniform.

» gray-haired = de pelo cano, con pelo cano, canoso. [Escrito grey-haired en inglés británico]

Example: The gray-haired bishop spoke haltingly at first, choosing his words with care.

» grey-haired = de pelo cano, con pelo cano, canoso. [Escrito gray-haired en inglés americano]

Example: Not that they were all grey-haired; some had brown, some had blond -- some had very little hair at all.

» red-haired = pelirrojo.

Example: Nowadays, red-haired people make only two percent of the entire population in the world.

» shaggy-haired = greñudo.

Example: One of the cartoons shows a shaggy-haired scientist working at the blackboard with a caption that reads 'Time is money'.

» short-haired = de pelo corto, pelicorto.

Example: There I spent a dismal period with the boy's paternal grandfather, a man as wrinkled as a prune, and a brown short-haired dog.

» tousle-haired = despeinado, desmelenado, desgreñado.

Example: In addition, no other scientist has caught the popular imagination like the tousle-haired Einstein.

» white-haired = canoso, cano, de pelo cano, de pelo blanco.

Example: The author analyzes the scriptural symbolism in an illustrated initial depicting the Crucifixion, focusing on the significance of a white-haired and bearded Christ.

Haired synonyms

hirsute in spanish: hirsuto, pronunciation: hɜrsut part of speech: adjective hairy in spanish: peludo, pronunciation: heri part of speech: adjective
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