Half in spanish


pronunciation: mitɑd part of speech: noun, adjective
In gestures

1/2 (half) = mitad, la. 

Example: In the past 3 or 4 years, over 1/2 of the US libraries have seen their directors change and what was once described as extraordinary turnover seems to have settled into the norm.

half = mitad. 

Example: The first half of the command looks for words hit by 'FIB?' immediately followed by a word hit by 'OPTIC?'.


» at half price = a mitad de precio.

Example: Buy one at full price and get one at half price.

» at half staff = a media asta.

Example: Obama orders US flags to be flown at half staff in honor of 29 miners killed in blast.

» be half + Posesivo + age = tener la mitad de + Posesivo + edad, tener la mitad de años que.

Example: What the hell is she doing, he's half her age!.

» be half the battle = tener ganada la mitad de la batalla, haber ganado la mitad de la batalla, ser un gran avance, ser un gran paso adelante.

Example: Knowing the problem is half the battle.

» be not half a/as/so/the = no ser ni la mitad de.

Example: She's not half the woman she used to be!.

» be not (half) bad = no estar (nada) mal.

Example: It is not half bad for a band who've only played in London once before, and who didn't even really exist until a few months ago.

» be only half (of) the equation = ser sólo la mitad de la ecuación.

Example: Excellence in the classroom is only half of the equation in preparing to be an effective professional: students must learn in the workplace as well.

» be only half the battle = tener ganada sólo la mitad de la batalla, haber ganado sólo la mitad de la batalla.

Example: This clearing of the terminological undergrowth is only half the battle.

» be only the half of it = ser sólo la mitad (del problema).

Example: But that's only the half of it -- the really challenging bit is yet to come.

» be too + Adjetivo + by half = pasarse de + Adjetivo, ser demasiado + Adjetivo, ser extremadamente + Adjetivo.

Example: Bold, ambitious and in-your-face I've always considered them to be just too cocky by half.

» Posesivo + better half = Posesivo + media naranja.

Example: The answer to this relates directly to the second major factor contributing to unhappiness between a manager and his better half, i.e., a sense of professional jealousy between marital partners.

» break in + half = partir por la mitad.

Example: But when runner beans are fresh, they do snap when you break them in half!.

» cut + Nombre + in half = reducir a la mitad, cortar por la mitad.

Example: The article 'Wages, hours, bookfunds take a dive' examines how some authorities are proposing cuts in wages to preserve services; others reducing bookfunds by as much as a quarter, or cutting their opening hours in half.

» first half, the = primer tiempo, el; primera mitad, la.

Example: Having been kept scoreless during the first half, Wales came out after the break and began scoring.

» fold + Nombre + in half = doblar Algo por la mitad.

Example: To make it easier to spread the ruffles out evenly, before gathering find the center of the ruffle by folding the piece in half end to end.

» give + Nombre + half a chance = dar la más mínima oportunidad, a la más mínima oportunidad, a la primera de cambio.

Example: Most men are by nature rather perverted, and if given half a chance, would engage in quite a variety of the most revolting practices.

» half a dozen = media docena.

Example: To gauge the full impact on the BNB one must add to these Arabic publications half a dozen books in Kurdish.

» half again as many/much (as) = la mitad más (que), un cincuenta por ciento más (que). [Expresión americana equivalente a la británica half as many/much again (as)]

Example: The United States is exporting half again as much wine as it did last year, thanks largely to drinkers in Canada, Britain and Germans.

» half a(n) + Expresión Temporal = medio + Expresión Temporal.

Example: This code had an important impact upon cataloguing practices in the United States and the United Kingdom, and endured for over half a century.

» half-and-half = a medias.

Example: Setting aside their first instinct to wade in with a half-and-half approach, school leaders decided instead to take the plunge.

» half asleep = medio dormido, medio adormilado.

Example: After that, I woke up with my mind awake and my body still half asleep.

» half as many/much again (as) = la mitad más (que), un cincuenta por ciento más (que). [Expresión británica equivalente a la americna half again as many/much (as)]

Example: According to a survey out today, the average teenager now receives an allowance heading towards £1,000 a year, with some pocketing half as much again.

» half awake = medio despierto.

Example: 'Okay, what's up?, you are never this awake in the morning,' I said yawning, still half awake = "Bueno, ¿qué pasa?, nunca estás tan despierto por la mañana," dije bostezando, aún medio despierto.

» half-baked = mal concebido, a medio concebir, a medio hacer, medio cocido, a medias.

Example: Sony made a 'half-hearted, half-baked' response to cyberattacks that compromised personal information for as many as 100 million people.

» half-bath = baño pequeño.

Example: The apartment itself features a comfortable master bedroom with walk-in closet, a second bedroom, two full bathrooms, and a guest half-bath = El apartamento cuenta con un cómo dormitorio principal con vestidor, un segundo dormitorio, dos baños amplios y un baño pequeño para invitados.

» half-blood = media sangre, mestizo, híbrido, mulato.

Example: When her attempt at a normal life goes up in smoke, she must come to terms with her half-blood nature and face her demons.

» half board = media pensión.

Example: Price per person sharing a double room (half board): EUR 575 incl. VAT.

» half-bound = encuadernado en media pasta.

Example: The seventeenth century also saw the appearance of decorated papers, marbled and printed, but they were uncommon in retail work until they began to be used for covering the boards of half- and quarter-bound books in the 1730s.

» half-brained = descerebrado, dislocado.

Example: Perhaps you have already painfully found out the hard way how a 'half-brained' solution can be worse than none at all.

» half-breed = mulato, mestizo.

Example: From such unions sprang families of 'half-breeds,' as the children of white parent and Indian parent were termed.

» half-buried = medio enterrado.

Example: A woman found strangled and half-buried in the sand may have met her killer while out celebrating her birthday.

» half-caste = mestizo, mulato.

Example: Australian government forbade intermarriage between whites & Aboriginals & half-castes with Aboriginals.

» half conscious = medio consciente, semiconsciente, consciente a medias.

Example: This movie is not good to watch when youre only half conscious -- it just sparks panic atacks.

» half-crown magazine = revista de media corona. [Revista mensual publicada en Inglaterra en el siglo XIX]

Example: The success of the shilling part-issues of the 1840s, however, which seemed better value than half-crown magazines or three-deckers, prompted the appearance of shilling magazines carrying two or three serialized novels in each monthly number.

» half-crown monthly magazine = revista mensual de media corona. [Revista publicada en Inglaterra en el siglo XIX]

Example: The serialization of new fiction in half-crown monthly magazines such as Blackwood's started in a small way in the 1820s, and grew in importance during the following decade.

» half-day [half day] = de medio día de duración, de media jornada.

Example: This paper was presented at a half-day seminar of the Library Association of Australia.

» half day = medio día.

Example: Parents may no longer have to pick their children up early if plans to eliminate half days in Irish schools come to an end.

» half done = medio hecho, a medio hacer.

Example: Five years after they took control of war-ravaged Afghanistan, reconstruction remains a job half done.

» half-dozen = media docena.

Example: It was a half-dozen years later that the first central electric power station was built; a decade was to pass before the automobile was invented, and nearly three decades before the first airplane flew.

» half dressed = a medio vestir, medio vestido.

Example: She was seen Sunday morning at 6 AM, only half dressed, barefoot and bleary-eyed outside a friend's house in London.

» half-empty = medio vacío.

Example: Libraries are changing into activity centres, where one can keep warm, or leave one's child to be entertained, but where the shelves are half-empty.

» half expect = medio esperar.

Example: She said she guessed as much and she half expected it actually.

» half-fact = media verdad, verdad a medias.

Example: Genocide theorists deploy a welter of sociological facts and half-facts to buttress their case.

» half-finished = medio terminado, medio acabado, a medio terminar, a medio acabar.

Example: A half-read book is a half-finished love affair.

» half-folded = medio doblado.

Example: Her clothes were all heaped up in a corner, half-folded.

» half-formed = a medio formar.

Example: She attempted to define to herself the thoughts that lay half-formed in the depth of her mind.

» half-frame = de fotograma doble.

Example: Most film-strips are full-frame but some are half-frame, ie they have two smaller pictures occupying the same area as would normally be filled by one.

» half full of = medio lleno de.

Example: But health is relative, and by eighty-seven, even without a main disease you've become a bag of bones, a sack half full of fluids going rancid.

» half-hearted [halfhearted] = poco entusiasta, indiferente, a medias, poco decidido, sin entusiasmo.

Example: Yet the response from government has been half-hearted at best.

» half-heartedly = sin ganas, con poco entusiasmo.

Example: Video graphics equipment does exist, but is being marketed only half-heartedly.

» half-hour = media hora.

Example: In order to make my twice-weekly half-hour visits to the class more relaxing and, I hoped, more enjoyable, the teacher designed a special area the children called 'the storycorner'.

» half-jokingly = medio en broma, medio de broma, medio en guasa, medio de guasa.

Example: After countless people threatened (half-jokingly, half-seriously) to shoot down drones, someone actually did it.

» half laughingly = medio en broma, medio de broma, medio en guasa, medio de guasa.

Example: 'The business is growing so fast that we've been having a hard time,' he said half laughingly, half seriously = "El negocio está creciendo tan rápido que hemos estado pasando por momentos difíciles", dijo medio en broma, medio en serio.

» half-life = vida media.

Example: In science and technology the half-life of literature is only a few years.

» half-light = penumbra, media luz.

Example: He immerses us in 'language that is unique for its copiousness,' now speaking 'of exquisite intimations that can occur only in a half-light,' then babbling 'of chamber-pots, leg-irons, factories and policemen'.

» half marathon = media maratón, medio maratón.

Example: BRR annually organizes sport events such as marathons, half marathons, biathlons, triathlons, pentathlons, and decathlons.

» half-mast = media asta.

Example: Flags sites will be lowered to half-mast from sunrise to sunset on Tuesday to reflect on violence against women in our society.

» half-mockingly = medio de broma, medio en broma, medio en guasa, medio de guasa.

Example: Today, as he looks down the road for new challenges, he only half-mockingly suggests he might become a death row lawyer.

» half-molten = semilíquido.

Example: Sometime in the later eighteenth century an ingenious version of stereotyping called dabbing was developed, whereby a pattern of wood or metal was dabbed into the surface of a quantity of type-metal that was half way between its solid and its molten state; the dabbed metal was then used as a matrix for striking a copy of the original in similarly half-molten metal.

» half moon = lúnula.

Example: I hadn't thought about it before, but I only have half moons on my thumbs now, none of the other fingers.

» half moon = media luna.

Example: And finally, we sat on our new patio chairs watching the clouds float by a half moon.

» half-naked = semidesnudo, medio desnudo.

Example: It was a surprising turn-on to see my girlfriend half-naked in front of my roommates, their eyes popping out of their skulls and mouths hanging open.

» half (of) the time = la mayoría del tiempo, la mitad del tiempo.

Example: She lacks energy and her eyes lack soul which makes her look blank and confused half of the time.

» half-opened = entreabierto, a medio abrir, medio abierto.

Example: The research and conclusions are published in full in the author's book 'The half-opened Door' = La investigación y las conclusiones se publicaron en su totalidad en el libro del autor "La puerta entreabierta".

» half + Pasado/Participio = Pasado/Participio + a medias.

Example: Sir Walter Greg also half regretted 'that 'bibliology' is past praying for' since it defined the study more precisely than the accepted word.

» half past + Hora = Hora + y media.

Example: Dexter Rundle had plenty of moments to spare, however, for his next appointment was not until half past eleven.

» half price = mitad de precio.

Example: Below is the list of tickets offered today for half-price, special offers, and full-price.

» half-read = medio leído, a medio leer.

Example: A half-read book is a half-finished love affair.

» half-rhymed = a medio rimar.

Example: That passage contains an alliterative procession of half-rhymed words and too many commas.

» half seriously = medio en serio.

Example: 'The business is growing so fast that we've been having a hard time,' he said half laughingly, half seriously = "El negocio ha ido creciendo tan rápido que hemos estado pasando por momentos difíciles," dijo medio en broma, medio en serio.

» half-sheet = medio pliego.

Example: Although it seldom happened in practice, it was possible to shuffle copies of the main sections and offcuts of 12 sheets or half-sheets and thus produce aberrant watermark patterns.

» half-soaked = bobo, bobalicón, escarchado, badulaque.

Example: Three half-soaked security guards sat around a desk at the main entrance letting through more than they checked.

» half-submerged = medio sumergido.

Example: This was the cylinder machine, which formed a web of paper not on an endless belt of woven wire but on a cylinder covered with wire mesh (looking like a large dandy roll) which revolved half-submerged in a vat of stuff.

» half term vacation = vacaciones de mitad de cuatrimestre. [Vacaciones que en el sistema anglosajón de enseñanza existen cada número determinado de semanas de clase]

Example: Half term vacation fell in part of a week, so that it does not show in the records, as there was borrowing activity in the same week.

» half the price = vale la mitad.

Example: It is half the price of Intel's new Pentium processor and five times as fast for some operations.

» half-time = a media jornada.

Example: The service is staffed by one paid co-ordinator, a half-time clerk-typist and twenty-five volunteers.

» half-time = descanso. [Usado generalmente para los partidos deportivos]

Example: By running a contest at half-time, you turn what could be a few minutes of boredom into an energizing time for your crowd.

» half title = anteportada, portadilla. [Hoja anterior a la portada de un libro, en la que generalmente consta el título de la obra, algunas veces abreviado]

Example: A half title is a brief title of a publication appearing on a leaf preceding the title page.

» half-tone = mediatinta, tono continuo modulado. [En imprenta, procedimiento de grabado calcográfico que se utiliza para la reproducción de claroscuros]

Example: Art paper (the shiny paper used for printing fine-screen half-tones from the 1880s) had a coating of china clay applied in a special machine to one or both sides of a web of body paper.

» half truth = media verdad, verdad a medias.

Example: Father-son relationships in the African American family are shrouded in social myths and half truths.

» half unconscious = medio inconsciente, semiinconsciente, inconsciente a medias.

Example: The true artist always stays half unconscious of himself whenever he is producing.

» half-understood = comprendido a medias, a medio comprender.

Example: What they will not do is clear up the foggy area in most cataloguers' minds, the area that leads to an inconsistent application of half-understood principles'.

» halfway [half-way/half way = a medio camino, a mitad de camino, ecuador, intermedio.

Example: This is an acceptable half-way stage to automation for older material.

» half-wit = idiota, subnormal, estúpido, tonto, necio, bobo, retrasado mental, deficiente mental, badulaque.

Example: Experts confirmed this week that the U.S. populace appears to have fallen under the spell of yet another pink-faced half-wit.

» half-yearly = semestral.

Example: Repayments is normally by equal half-yearly payments of capital and interest after a moratorium on capital repayments of up to five years, depending on project completion date.

» have + a problem half licked = tener un problema medio resuelto.

Example: A well run school has the problem half licked = Una escuela bien dirigida tiene el problema medio resuelto.

» in less than half the time = en menos de la mitad de(l) tiempo.

Example: The weather improved on our way back to camp and so we made it back in less than half the time.

» lower half = mitad inferior.

Example: We'll enter a sample 008 field and at the same time display on the lower half screen excerpts from the Appendix of the Bibliofile User Guide.

» not half = muy, extremadamente.

Example: As a football fan, it wasn't half good to see two players move upfront, be mobile and look like they want to play with each other.

» one and a half days = un día y medio.

Example: In the case of a Japanese company, the introduction of this new system resulted in the number of operatives from 215 to 12 and the processing time from 35 days to one and a half days.

» one-half (1/2) = la mitad (1/2), medio.

Example: The output of paperbacks accounted for one-third of the total US book production by 1962; nearly one-half of the fiction produced and a quarter of the available titles.

» one-half day = medio día.

Example: Sessions are one-half day each.

» Posesivo + other half = Posesivo + media naranja.

Example: Breaking wind often is typically the result of your diet and lifestyle -- it won't kill you, though your other half might if you keep trumpeting in bed.

» reduce by + half = reducir a la mitad.

Example: Their aims is to reduce by half the proportion of people who suffer from hunger.

» second half, the = segundo tiempo, el; segunda mitad, la; segunda parte, la.

Example: They looked good in the second half till PRK caught them snoozing and walked right into the goal.

» six of one (and) half a dozen of the other = tanto monta, monta tanto; da igual; da lo mismo; da lo mismo una cosa que otra.

Example: It may be six of one and half a dozen of the other genetically, but socially these are not interchangeable relationships.

» swing in + a half-circle = girar media vuelta.

Example: Drew Pope put down his pencil, pushed back in his chair, stretched his arms overhead, and swung in a half-circle so he could look out the window.

Half synonyms

one-half in spanish: una mitad, pronunciation: wʌnhæf part of speech: noun

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whole pronunciation: hoʊl part of speech: adjective, noun
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