Iceberg in spanish


pronunciation: iθebeɹ̩g part of speech: noun
In gestures

iceberg = iceberg. 

Example: In other words, the elements of any single case may point to several concepts; in this sense, the cases are like icebergs -- more is hidden han appears on the surface.


» iceberg lettuce = lechuga iceberg.

Example: What iceberg lettuce may lack in overt flavor, it makes up for in its texture and crunchiness.

» tip of the iceberg, the = punta del iceberg, la. [Expresión usualmente acompañada del artículo]

Example: The queries that are actually broadcast or printed are merely, the tip of the iceberg.

» touch + the tip of the iceberg = abordar una mínima parte del asunto.

Example: From the professional point of view a MLS degree is a requirement; but these two statements only touch the tip of the iceberg.

Iceberg synonyms

berg in spanish: iceberg, pronunciation: bɜrg part of speech: noun
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