Idea in spanish


pronunciation: ideɑ part of speech: noun
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idea = idea. 

Example: Analytical cataloguing is valuable in respect of any type of media, but many of ideas have been tested most thoroughly in the context of monographs and serials.


» abstract idea = idea abstracta.

Example: The phenomena studied by disciplines may be either concrete entities, such as adolescent, motor car, dog or diamond or abstract ideas such as love, beauty or hate.

» advance + an idea = proponer una idea.

Example: I don't see that we are going to stand a chance unless there is something very definite coming out of this conference and similar conferences where these ideas are advanced.

» allude to + idea = aludir a una idea.

Example: This article contrasts the views of Cutter and Panizzi and alludes to the ideas of 19th and 20th century luminaries and committees.

» alluring idea = idea seductora.

Example: The most alluring idea about the vampire myth is that they are supposed to be forever young and beautiful.

» amplify + idea = desarrollar una idea.

Example: These ideas are further amplified by subsequent chapters, especially chapters 7, 8, 9, and 10.

» assert + Posesivo + own ideas and values = hacer prevaler + Posesivo + propias ideas y valores .

Example: Nevertheless the librarian must avoid the opposite extreme and he must avoid betraying his own ideals of freedom by attempting to assert his own ideas and values.

» be a good idea = ser una buena idea.

Example: If your mouse is a bit jumpy it is a good idea first of all just to get it used to your hand before attempting to lift it out of its cage.

» be committed to the idea that = estar convencido de la idea de que.

Example: Most librarians were committed to the idea that the capabilities of men varied and were controlled by 'nature's laws'.

» be keen on + an idea = entusiasmar una idea, convencer una idea.

Example: He was keen on the idea, and gave us a list of ten other falconry enthusiasts in his town to put in our directory.

» be sold on + an idea = entusiasmar una idea, convencer una idea.

Example: She is not exactly sold on the idea that mobile technology will make online music a profitable business, when so many people have become used to getting their music free.

» bogus idea = idea falsa.

Example: Hollywood is expounding the idea that the art world is full of bogus ideas, false values, and kinky sex.

» bounce + ideas off + Nombre = intercambiar ideas con Alguien, compartir ideas con Alguien, debatir con Alguien, consultar a Alguien, contrastar ideas con Alguien.

Example: It was fantastic to have someone to bounce ideas off who has been there before.

» bounce off + ideas = intercambiar ideas, compartir ideas, contrastar ideas, debatir.

Example: The men outnumbered us women and it was great to be able to chat to them about all kinds of subjects and bounce off ideas.

» bright idea = idea brillante, idea genial.

Example: Intuition is all very well, a few bright ideas are useful, an entertaining approach, and a charming personality put to work with energy are strong assets.

» bring up + an idea = sacar a colación una idea, mencionar una idea.

Example: Some of the ideas brought up by the Sengalese project group are now used in systems running in Sweden.

» business idea = idea comercial.

Example: Experience shows that there is a big difference between a feasible business idea and a fundable business idea.

» champion + an idea = defender una idea.

Example: Frank Hatt championed the idea of libraries being closely concerned with what the user reads, advocating such things as floor walkers and records of books read.

» circulate + Posesivo + idea = difundir una idea.

Example: Our aim is to provoke discussion and to provide commentators with an opportunity to circulate their ideas in a new format.

» clarify + an idea = aclarar una idea, aclarar un concepto.

Example: It is most important that you clarify this idea of summarization as opposed to depth indexing.

» clear idea = idea clara.

Example: The ability by skilful questioning, without appearance of curiosity or impertinence, to extract from the vaguest, most general requests, a clear idea of what the enquirer really needs is one of the greatest gifts of the successful librarian = La habilidad de indagar con maña, sin aparentar curiosidad o impertinencia, para extraer de la pregunta más general e indefinida una idea clara de lo que realmente necesita el usuario es una de las más grandes virtudes del buen bibliotecario.

» come (a)round to + an idea = aceptar una idea.

Example: I applaud them for starting to come around to the idea, but they're still not quite getting the whole picture.

» come up with + the idea = ocurrírsele la idea.

Example: The working group also felt that the new service ought to have a distinctive name and came up with the idea of AID (advice and information desk) later changed to Aid in order to avoid misinterpretation as Artificial Insemination by Donor!.

» conceive + idea = concebir una idea.

Example: In 1894 two Belgians, Paul Otlet and Henri LaFontaine, conceived the idea of a 'universal index to recorded knowledge', to which people all over the world would contribute, and which would in its turn be available to all.

» contribute + ideas = aportar ideas, sugerir ideas.

Example: So many colleagues and students contributed ideas and suggestions for the examples in this book that it would be impossible to thank them all personally by name.

» cool idea = buena idea, idea buena.

Example: The chapter is titled 'More Cool Ideas'.

» cross-fertilisation of ideas = intercambio de ideas.

Example: This suggests not only cross fertilization of ideas, but also more complex research questions.

» crush + idea = echar por tierra una idea.

Example: This is typical of the old corporate forms of hierarchy-based processes and of the 'risk-averse systems that crush new ideas'.

» disapprove of + the idea of = desaprobar una idea, no estar de acuerdo con la idea de.

Example: The committee disapproves of the idea of a separate rock music centre in Berlin.

» discuss + an idea = debatir una idea, debatir una cuestión.

Example: The research described in this chapter tends to show that many of the ideas regarding semantic and syntactic relationships discussed in this text are open to question.

» disjointed idea = idea incoherente.

Example: A fully informative abstract will be impossible to prepare for many discussion papers and reviews, since too many individual and disjointed ideas must be represented.

» dismiss + an idea = descartar una idea.

Example: The author dismisses the idea that artificial intelligence requires immediate attention since there are many other more pressing problems in need of solution.

» dispel + an idea = erradicar una falsa idea.

Example: The author aims to present Delphi as a practical method and to dispel the idea that Delphi is more of a guessing game.

» dramatise + idea = representar una idea.

Example: According to Eisner, sequential art is 'the arrangement of pictures or images and words to narrate a story or dramatize an idea= De acuerdo con Eisner, el arte secuencial es "la combinación de dibujos e imágenes y palabras para narrar una historia o representar una idea".

» draw + an idea = deducir una idea, extraer una idea.

Example: The first idea, however, to be drawn from this analogy concerns selection.

» draw on/upon + Posesivo + idea = utilizar las ideas de (Alguien).

Example: The socio-political reform now under way in Hungary requires renewal from librarianship as well, and one may draw on the author's ideas in this respect.

» endorse + the idea = apoyar la idea.

Example: I can probably get the council and the finance committee to endorse the idea.

» enforce + an idea = hacer valer una idea.

Example: The idea must be enforced that that librarians have a duty to prohibit access to information and ideas whenever such limits are necessary to preserve family values.

» exchange + ideas = intercambiar ideas.

Example: Electronic mail makes it possible to exchange ideas and texts and to seek answers to queries immediately and easily.

» exchange of ideas = intercambio de ideas.

Example: In Western democracies, the free expression and exchange of ideas and information is a cornerstone of political belief.

» explore + an idea = estudiar una posibilidad, analizar una posibilidad.

Example: Cosmologists have begun exploring the idea that the evolution of the universe is cyclic = Los cosmólogos han comenzado a analizar la posibilidad de que la evolución del universo es cíclica.

» fancy + the idea of = gustar la idea de, atraer la idea de.

Example: Both particularly fancied the idea of Hughes as gamekeeper and bard of the primitive urges, whose animal magnetism drives women mad.

» favour + an idea = ser partidario de una idea, apoyar una idea, estar a favor de una idea.

Example: Half the respondents favoured the idea when it was explained; the rest opposed it, one of the main reasons given being that there was a lack of neighbour agreement.

» flirt with + the idea of = acariciar la idea de, darle vueltas a la idea de, pensar en.

Example: An avid scuba diver, Keller once flirted with the idea of a career in marine biology.

» float + an idea = sugerir una idea, insinuar una idea.

Example: The idea is being floated that to prevent any recurrence, a central European authority should control the budgets of member states.

» follow through with/on + Posesivo + idea = hacer realidad una idea.

Example: But we simply don't have the physical or mental capability to follow through on every great idea we get.

» fresh idea = idea nueva.

Example: The traditional concept of louvers for solar protection has recently been combined with many fresh ideas.

» gain + idea of = tener una idea de.

Example: To gain an idea of the fineness of detail necessary to produce the circuit elements on the chip, imagine a map of the British Isles showing sufficient detail to identify even the narrowest side-street in London.

» germ of an idea = germen de una idea.

Example: What began as a germ of an idea around a kitchen table in Toronto in 1997 is now being published out of Washington DC with contributors and subscribers from 20 countries.

» get + an idea of = hacerse una idea de, saber, conocer, averiguar, imaginarse.

Example: To read a writer is for me not merely to get an idea of what he says, but to go off with him and travel in his company.

» get + a rough idea = hacerse una idea general, hacerse una idea aproximada.

Example: I am a fifteen year old singer songwriter and i want to get a rough idea of what people think, please comment honestly as it would help me massively.

» get + a vague idea = tener una idea vaga, tener una idea aproximada.

Example: After a great deal of hard work he will at last get a vague idea of what it all means.

» get + the idea that = llegar a la conclusión de que.

Example: Users who experience these situations might get the idea that librarians stay awake nights dreaming up ways to frustrate their efforts to find material in the library.

» get used to + idea = acostumbrarse a una idea.

Example: Then, leaning back in her chair and with an impish smile playing about her mouth, she said: 'You know I can't quite get used to the idea of him giving up his job to follow his wife'.

» give + a vague idea = dar una idea vaga, dar una idea aproximada.

Example: The floor plan gives a vague idea of how the house will look like once complete.

» give + idea = dar una idea.

Example: This not only gives the decision maker an idea of the time frame involved but also aids in identifying potential weaknesses.

» give + Nombre + a rough idea = dar una idea general, dar una idea aproximada.

Example: After giving her a rough idea of what I wanted, she made some suggestions and showed me some possibilities.

» hackneyed idea = idea muy trillada, idea muy manida.

Example: Instead of challenging gender stereotypes, the book's maligners say it digs deeper into the hackneyed idea that women are subservient to men.

» have + absolutely no idea = no tener (ni) absoluta idea.

Example: It was also a demonstration that the people running the business have absolutely no idea what they are doing when it comes to security.

» have + a clear idea about = tener una idea clara de/sobre.

Example: In launching a product, it is imperative that you have a clear idea about the people that you are aiming for.

» have + an idea of = hacerse una idea de, saber, conocer, averiguar, imaginarse.

Example: I really didn't even have an idea of how difficult it was going to be.

» have + a rough idea = tener una idea general, tener una idea aproximada.

Example: Even if you only have a rough idea of what you are looking for, we can help you refine and define your project.

» have + a vague idea = tener una idea vaga, tener una idea aproximada.

Example: She does not communicate with me so I only have a vague idea as to how I can help.

» have + no idea = no tener (ni) idea.

Example: When the group got on the bus for their field trip that morning, they had no idea they would be heading for a military prison.

» hit on/upon + an idea = ocurrirse a Alguien una idea, dar con una idea.

Example: And so the editors hit upon a wonderful idea -- they would take those articles that were too long to be included in the printed version of the journal and publish them on the web.

» hold fast to + an idea = aferrarse a una idea.

Example: Finlay held fast to his ideas despite incredulity and ridicule.

» idea + come up = idea + surgir.

Example: Even in casual discussions between the director and department heads ideas may come up which are suddenly translated into plans for action or procedural changes.

» idea plane = plano conceptual.

Example: At this stage the indexer is working in the idea plane of classification.

» idea + shape = idea + forjar, idea + dar forma.

Example: This article focuses on the ideas and social forces shaping libraries.

» idea + surface = idea + aparecer.

Example: As a result many valuable ideas with regard to running of the library system have surfaced.

» idea tactics = tácticas para generar ideas. [En la búsqueda de información, métodos que ayudan a crear nuevas ideas que ayuden a perfilar la estrategia]

Example: This article deals with 'idea tactics': tactics to help generate new ideas or solutions to problems in information searching.

» input of ideas = contribución de ideas.

Example: This approach not only builds good relations for the library, but also allows more input of ideas.

» laugh at + the idea of = reírse de la idea de, reírse de la posibilidad de, dar risa la idea de, dar risa la posibilidad de, hacer reír la idea de, hacer reír la posibilidad de.

Example: Epilepsy was originally thought to be due to demonic possession -- just 25 years ago, doctors still laughed at the idea that epilepsy had a genetic basis.

» mature + an idea = madurar una idea.

Example: Still, this gave me some time to mature the idea inside my head and allowed me to organize our wedding the best and quickest way possible.

» not have the foggiest idea = no tener la más mínima idea sobre Algo, no tener ni puta idea sobre Algo, no tener ni pajolera idea sobre Algo, no tener ni puñetera idea sobre Algo. [Con frecuencia se omite la palabra idea al final]

Example: I don't have the foggiest idea how one would go about it.

» not have the slightest idea = no tener la más mínima idea sobre Algo, no tener ni puta idea sobre Algo, no tener ni pajolera idea sobre Algo, no tener ni puñetera idea sobre Algo.

Example: Most of our friends don't know the bow from the stem, or have the slightest idea what starboard means, which does present a problem or two.

» not have the vaguest idea = no tener la más mínima idea sobre Algo, no tener ni puta idea sobre Algo, no tener ni pajolera idea sobre Algo, no tener ni puñetera idea sobre Algo.

Example: The worst thing about it was that she didn't have the vaguest idea why she wanted to do that in the first place.

» outlandish idea = idea peregrina, idea extravagante.

Example: According to NASA, "astroculture" may not be an outlandish idea in a few years = Según la NASA, el astrocultivo puede no ser una idea peregrina en unos pocos años.

» pilot + idea = lanzar una idea, poner a prueba una idea.

Example: One product of the initiatives described above has been action to pilot the ideas about managing information in 'opinion leaders' among government departments.

» pinch + Posesivo + idea = plagiar la idea, robar la idea.

Example: I asked Gina if I could pinch her idea and she kindly agreed.

» pioneer + idea = promover una idea.

Example: Sheffield pioneered the idea of a local co-operative network in the 1930s.

» pitch + Posesivo + idea (to) = vender una idea, vender + Posesivo + idea, intentar vender + Posesivo + idea, intentar vender una idea.

Example: Lisa now realized she was dealing with a person of intelligence and would have to pitch her idea with credibility.

» pool + ideas = compartir ideas.

Example: For example, NEMROC provides a forum for libraries in the region of Newcastle with good collections of audio-visual materials to pool their ideas.

» preconceived idea = idea preconcebida.

Example: Innumerable examples confirm that appearances are deceiving; also our preconceived ideas stand in our way.

» present + an idea = presentar una idea.

Example: This article presents ideas which will help the librarian to keep going in the face of budget cuts.

» promote + idea = promover una idea.

Example: These examples do raise a major argument: by identifying these areas for action are we not promoting certain ideas and views?.

» put + an idea on the back burner = aparcar una idea, dejar una idea a un lado, dejar una idea en suspenso, relegar una idea a un segundo plano.

Example: My girlfriend and I looked at rings together about a year ago, then put the idea on the back burner because of money issues.

» put forward + an idea = presentar una idea, proponer una idea.

Example: There have been several ideas put forward as to just how much such categories exist.

» put over + ideas = expresar ideas.

Example: Thus the sportsman who cannot express himself well in writing can still put over ideas for his ghost writer to transcribe.

» put + Posesivo + idea + into practice = poner en práctica una idea.

Example: As has already been mentioned, Coates has been able to put his ideas into practice in the British Technology Index.

» raise + an idea = plantear una idea.

Example: This article discusses ideas raised at a weekend school in Sheffield 1984 examining the role of librarians in public libraries.

» reform idea = idea de reforma, nueva idea.

Example: The proposed reform ideas are retreads of tried and untrue conservative concepts with a history of failure.

» reinforce + idea = reforzar una idea.

Example: He goes on to show that a similar percentage of people are 'relatively ill-educated' and that this might 'reinforce the idea that the majority will not be in the market for new technology information systems'.

» rethink + Posesivo + ideas = replantearse las ideas.

Example: And since computerized data bases charge according to use, are we going to have to rethink our ideas on what we have so long enticingly but misleadingly called free library services?.

» rough idea = idea aproximada, idea general.

Example: I have a rough idea of what I'd like to achieve, but I'm not sure when to start.

» run + ideas + past + Pronombre = consultar con + Pronombre, contar las ideas a Alguien.

Example: If you would like to run ideas past me at this time, that is OK as well .

» run out of + ideas = quedarse sin ideas.

Example: When you run out of ideas, it is probably a good time to just taker a break from that activity.

» scoff at + the idea = desmentir un rumor, negar un rumor.

Example: The Prime Minister has been heard to scoff at the idea that he was sobbing his heart out to Tessa Jowell.

» scoff at + the idea of = burlarse de la idea de, mofarse de la idea de, burlarse de la posibilidad de, mofarse de la posibilidad de.

Example: While critics have, for decades, scoffed at the idea of flying cars, that attitude is beginning to change.

» seize upon + the idea of = acoger con ahínco la idea de.

Example: It is strange that the inventors of universal languages have not seized upon the idea of producing one which better fitted the technique for transmitting and recording speech.

» sell + an idea = convencer.

Example: The author outlines some methods of selling to adolescent pupils the idea of reading fiction for fun.

» shape + Posesivo + ideas = dar forma a + Posesivo + ideas.

Example: Writers have long known that speaking aloud what they have written in silence helps them to shape their ideas.

» share + Posesivo + ideas = compartir ideas.

Example: These press releases are useful as they can indicate which other authorities are working on the same lines so that contact can be made and experience and ideas shared.

» short of ideas = escaso de ideas, falto de ideas.

Example: It is clear that the author is not short of ideas and the book contains plenty of nuggets of wisdom and suggestions for improvements.

» significant ideas = ideas principales.

Example: A summary at the end of a document is intended to complete the orientation of the reader, and to identify the significant ideas for the reader to remember.

» sneer at + the idea of = burlarse de la idea de, mofarse de la idea de, burlarse de la posibilidad de, mofarse de la posibilidad de.

Example: He sneered at the idea of global warming and said there are more significant issues that require governments' attention.

» solicit + ideas = pedir ideas, recabar ideas, solicitar ideas.

Example: It is unethical for you to solicit ideas from others and then present the work as something you thought of yourself.

» spark off + ideas = inspirar ideas.

Example: However, it is not a 'do-it-yourself' manual, though you may find some of the examples of what other libraries have achieved instructive or spark off ideas.

» spread + an idea = difundir una idea.

Example: This idea spread during an era in which reformers regarded the book as a curative for societal ills = Esta idea se difundió durante una era durante la que los reformistas consideraban el libro como un remedio para los males sociales.

» squash + an idea = machacar un idea.

Example: A client who sees his pet idea squashed by the provision of information negating its novelty or value is often reluctant to admit that this can have a real value!.

» steal + Posesivo + idea = plagiar la idea, robar la idea.

Example: She proceeded to talk about the script saying that she was scared somebody might steal her idea.

» sterilise + idea = anular la validez de un concepto.

Example: We who run libraries are equally for this kind of emancipation, so that we feel that leaving readers to fend for themselves is to sterilise the idea of libraries.

» subscribe to + idea = suscribir una idea, estar de acuerdo con una idea.

Example: Too many people subscribe to this idea in principle only.

» suggest + an idea = sugerir una idea.

Example: The mass culture author does not question cultural values or suggest new ideas, he is merely interpreting the present state of affairs to a wider audience.

» support + an idea = apoyar una idea.

Example: Evidence and rumors are mounting to support the idea that free music websites are unfeasible = Hay cada vez más rumores y pruebas que apoyan la idea de que los sitios web de música gratis son inviables.

» support + Posesivo + idea = sustentar + Posesivo + idea, sostener + Posesivo + idea, apoyar + Posesivo + idea, defender + Posesivo + idea.

Example: In this excerpt, Woolf uses a highly original analogy, or comparison, to support her idea about women.

» sustain + Posesivo + idea = sustentar + Posesivo + idea, sostener + Posesivo + idea, apoyar + Posesivo + idea, defender + Posesivo + idea.

Example: However, tried as she might, Mary could never drum up enough sales to sustain her idea -- many women considered her invention to be too taboo.

» take + exception to the idea that = ofenderse por.

Example: I don't feel partial either way but if I were a public librarian I think I would take exception to the idea that there was some kind of common plebeian form which I could use.

» talk about + ideas = hablar de ideas, cascar, darle a la lengua, darle al pico, darle al palique.

Example: That's for those who like to sit around and talk about ideas and idly stroking each other but don't like to put their balls on the line and do things.

» test + idea = poner a prueba una idea, probar una idea.

Example: Analytical cataloguing is valuable in respect of any type of media, but many of ideas have been tested most thoroughly in the context of monographs and serials.

» the idea behind = las razones de, los motivos de, el porqué de.

Example: The idea behind metadata is that there is some Third Way of organizing and giving access to electronic resources that is approximately half way between cataloguing (expensive and effective) and keyword searching (cheap and ineffective).

» think up + an idea = pensar en una idea, ocurrírsele a Alguien una idea.

Example: The committee thought up the idea about a decade ago, when fund-raising cocktail parties failed to raise sufficient money.

» toss around + an idea = darle vueltas a una idea, debatir una idea.

Example: The idea for this kind of program was tossed around in fits and starts.

» toy with + idea = acariciar la idea de, contemplar la posibilidad, darle vueltas a la idea, pensar en.

Example: I've tried using special characters and underline, and I've toyed with the idea of creating some graphic images.

» trample on + Posesivo + ideas = criticar las ideas de Alguien.

Example: One day Balzac trampled on Hernandez's ideas for reviving the use of bookmobiles.

» translate + idea into + reality = plasmar una idea en la realidad.

Example: Writing workshops such as those supported by UNESCO and local agencies offer one way of helping translate this idea into reality.

» turn + an idea + down = rechazar una idea, rechazar una sugerencia.

Example: He turned the idea down because he thought that too many travel books had been published already.

» warm up to + the idea = entusiasmarse con la idea, empezar a gustar la idea.

Example: Once I got a better sense of what was being planned, I started to warm up to the idea.

» weigh (up) + an idea = sopesar una idea.

Example: To do this is to thwart the goal of eliciting genuine dialogue -- candid, searching, and purposeful discussion -- and motivating students to think, to study, to weigh ideas, and to develop their own solutions.

» wipe away + an idea = quitar una idea.

Example: The US Supreme Court's 1991 decision in favour of Feist wiped away the idea that 'sweat of the brow' is adequate for a copyright claim.

» with only a sketchy idea of = con una idea muy superficial sobre.

Example: Results showed that many users turn up at the library with only a sketcky idea of what they would like and spend much time browsing.

» with only the sketchiest idea of = con sólo una mínima idea de.

Example: It has to be admitted that experienced librarians who should know better do sometimes plunge into what are not simple searches with only the sketchiest idea of a strategy.

Idea synonyms

mind in spanish: mente, pronunciation: maɪnd part of speech: noun thought in spanish: pensamiento, pronunciation: θɔt part of speech: noun estimate in spanish: estimar, pronunciation: estəmət part of speech: noun, verb theme in spanish: tema, pronunciation: θim part of speech: noun estimation in spanish: Estimacion, pronunciation: estəmeɪʃən part of speech: noun approximation in spanish: aproximación, pronunciation: əprɑksəmeɪʃən part of speech: noun musical theme in spanish: tema musical, pronunciation: mjuzɪkəlθim part of speech: noun melodic theme in spanish: tema melódico, pronunciation: məlɑdɪkθim part of speech: noun
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