Identical in spanish


pronunciation: identikoʊ part of speech: adjective
In gestures

identical = idéntico, igual, mismo. 

Example: The DISPLAY command is identical to the TYPE command except when using a format which includes only a few lines per record.


» identical triplet = trillizo idéntico.

Example: Statistically, chances are one in a million that a mother gives birth to genetically identical triplets.

» identical twin = gemelo, gemelo idéntico.

Example: This novel is narrated by William, an underachiever who is constantly outdone by his charming and lovable identical twin brother.

» non-identical = no idéntico, diferente.

Example: Based on the above considerations, medicinal ingredients containing the same active moiety are classified into identical or non-identical.

Identical synonyms

congruent in spanish: congruente, pronunciation: kɑngruənt part of speech: adjective same in spanish: mismo, pronunciation: seɪm part of speech: adjective very in spanish: muy, pronunciation: veri part of speech: adverb isotropic in spanish: isotrópico, pronunciation: aɪsətrɑpɪk part of speech: adjective selfsame in spanish: mismo, pronunciation: selfseɪm part of speech: adjective indistinguishable in spanish: indistinguible, pronunciation: ɪndɪstɪŋgwɪʃəbəl part of speech: adjective one and the same in spanish: una y las mismas, pronunciation: wʌnændðəseɪm isotropous in spanish: isótropo, pronunciation: aɪzətroʊpəs part of speech: adjective monovular in spanish: monovular, pronunciation: mənɑvjəlɜr part of speech: adjective superposable in spanish: superponible, pronunciation: supɜrpoʊzəbəl part of speech: adjective

Identical antonyms

fraternal pronunciation: frətɜrnəl part of speech: adjective biovular pronunciation: baɪoʊvjulɜr part of speech: adjective
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