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pronunciation: ideɑl part of speech: adjective, noun
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ideal = ideal, idóneo. 

Example: This arrangement is ideal for well-defined subjects which coincide neatly with the interest of the library user.


» achieve + an ideal = conseguir un ideal.

Example: There are 13 qualities for library employment which administrators should foster in order to achieve an ideal in work relations.

» attain + an ideal = conseguir un ideal.

Example: The ideal, which we are laughably far from attaining, is that books should be spread with prodigal generosity throughout the community.

» betray + Posesivo + own ideals = traicionar los ideales de uno mismo.

Example: Nevertheless the librarian must avoid the opposite extreme and he must avoid betraying his own ideals of freedom by attempting to assert his own ideas and values.

» democratic ideal = ideal democrático.

Example: In the Balkans the transition to democracy has proven to be difficult in spite of democratic ideals expressed in peace agreements.

» fall (far) short of + an ideal = dejar mucho que desear, dejar bastante que desear.

Example: This article describes a scenario in which the training of junior staff on-the-job is discussed emphasising that the reality in New Zeland libraries falls far short of the ideal.

» fall + short of ideal = no llegar a un ideal.

Example: Such efforts still fall short of the ideal envisaged by librarians.

» ideal man, the = hombre ideal, el.

Example: This is a skillfully written book about a woman who unleashes her emotions and heartfelt opinions whilst in search of the ideal man.

» ideal opportunity = oportunidad ideal.

Example: The course is an ideal opportunity to get a broad view of where libraries are heading in general .

» ideal situation = situación ideal.

Example: The library has an ideal situation in the middle of the city and occupies premises purpose-built in 1964.

» ideal world, the = mundo ideal, el.

Example: The article is entitled 'Managing electronic journals: the ideal world versus reality'.

» in an ideal world = en un mundo ideal.

Example: Of course, in an ideal world it would not be necessary to look under all these headings for what is after all just one subject.

» live up to + Posesivo + ideals = vivir de acuerdo con + Posesivo + ideales.

Example: She berated him for having 'gone to seed' and lambasted him for not living up to his ideals = Ella le recriminó por "abandonarse" y le acusó de no vivir de acuerdo con sus ideales.

» prove + ideal = resultar ideal.

Example: Overall, neither system proved ideal: LEXINET was deficient as regards lack of accessibility and excessive ambiguity; while the manual system gave rise to an over-wide variation of terms.

» realise + Poseesivo + ideals = hacer realidad + Posesivo + ideales.

Example: Mubarak is a dead man walking, and the sooner America sides with the winning side, the better it serves its own interests and realizes its ideals.

» romantic ideal = ideal romántico.

Example: Puberty, he describes as 'dreamy and sentimental' and though this may seem a far cry from the teenagers we would recognize that adolescence brings an awakening of emotions, idealism and commitment to a romantic ideal.

Ideal synonyms

abstract in spanish: resumen, pronunciation: æbstrækt part of speech: adjective, noun perfect in spanish: Perfecto, pronunciation: pɜrfekt part of speech: adjective paragon in spanish: dechado, pronunciation: perəgɑn part of speech: noun apotheosis in spanish: apoteosis, pronunciation: əpɑθioʊsəs part of speech: noun nonpareil in spanish: sin par, pronunciation: nɑnpɜril part of speech: noun, adjective saint in spanish: Smo, pronunciation: seɪnt part of speech: noun idealistic in spanish: idealista, pronunciation: aɪdiəlɪstɪk part of speech: adjective utopian in spanish: utópico, pronunciation: jutoʊpiən part of speech: adjective nonesuch in spanish: ideal, pronunciation: nʌnsʌtʃ part of speech: noun nonsuch in spanish: no tal, pronunciation: nɑnsʌtʃ part of speech: noun
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