Identify in spanish


pronunciation: identifikɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
In gestures

identify = identificar, seleccionar. 

Example: Once identified, all of these searchable elements are merged into an existing file or dictionary of searchable elements.


» identify + a problem = identificar un problema.

Example: One of the problems identified by staff from the use of Prestel in the library has been the noise from the set or from onlookers.

» identify + Reflexivo = identificarse.

Example: When asked to identify herself, the driver lied about her identity.

Identify synonyms

key in spanish: llave, pronunciation: ki part of speech: adjective, noun name in spanish: nombre, pronunciation: neɪm part of speech: noun place in spanish: lugar, pronunciation: pleɪs part of speech: noun describe in spanish: describir, pronunciation: dɪskraɪb part of speech: verb distinguish in spanish: distinguir, pronunciation: dɪstɪŋgwɪʃ part of speech: verb discover in spanish: descubrir, pronunciation: dɪskʌvɜr part of speech: verb key out in spanish: llave fuera, pronunciation: kiaʊt part of speech: verb
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