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pronunciation: identidɑd part of speech: noun
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identity = identidad. 

Example: In this case we find a tendency to ignore the author's identity as found in the document, and to prefer instead a real name to a pseudonym.


» change + Posesivo + identity = cambiar de identidad.

Example: When she double-crossed him and returned to the mobster, the detective changed his identity and dropped out of sight.

» collective identity = identidad colectiva.

Example: This study examines the interplay of memory, myth, and history in the construction of collective memory, collective identity, and historical narrative.

» conceal + Posesivo + identity = ocultar + Posesivo + identidad.

Example: A pseudonym is the name assumed by an author to conceal or obscure his or her identity.

» cultural identity = identidad cultural.

Example: In the UK school and public libraries try to assist peaceful racial integration while maintaining each race's cultural identity.

» develop + an identity = desarrollar una personalidad propia.

Example: As they grow up, children have to develop an identity and a working philosophy of life.

» develop + Posesivo + identity = desarrollar + Posesivo + identidad.

Example: It's obvious that her ancestry did not help to develop her identity; she shaped her identity on her own.

» enhance + Posesivo + identity = mejorar + Posesivo + imagen.

Example: School libraries can help teachers to enhance the identity and self-esteem of Maori students.

» false identity = identidad falsa, falsa identidad.

Example: His trial heard he tried to 'avoid dirtying his hands' by hiring others to run the firm and adopting a false identity.

» forge + Posesivo + identity = forjar + Posesivo + identidad, crearse una identidad, forjarse una identidad.

Example: This paper reports an interview with Michael O'Donnell, whose brainchild, Salon Magazine is a successful World Wide Web only publication that has managed to forge a powerful identity without a printed counterpart.

» have + Posesivo + identity stolen = suplantar + Posesivo + identidad, robarle la identidad a Alguien.

Example: She had her identity stolen several years ago and has been battling with the government since.

» identity crisis = crisis de identidad.

Example: The article 'A bogus and dismal science, or the eggplant that ate library schools' discusses the reasons for the perennial professional indentity crisis amongst librarians.

» identity parade = rueda de identificación, rueda de reconocimiento, rueda de sospechosos, rueda de presos.

Example: This research investigated whether eye-witnesses were influenced by stereotypical criminal faces when faced with an identity parade.

» identity theft = robo de identidad, suplantación de identidad.

Example: We take identity theft seriously, but our banks are dragging their feet.

» lose + Posesivo + identity = perder la identidad de uno.

Example: When, however, the point is reached that the library is subsumed into a leisure-recreation-cultural complex, and loses its specific identity, it may be questioned whether this is sound policy.

» national identity = identidad nacional.

Example: National libraries, if they are to be successful over the longer term, must develop as agents of national identity and culture.

» proof of identity = acreditación, documento acreditativo de identidad, prueba de identidad, comprobante de identidad.

Example: All applicants for a driver license must present proof of identity satisfactory to the department.

» protect + Posesivo + identity = proteger + Posesivo + identidad, no desvelar + Posesivo + dentidad.

Example: The problems and assignments presented are real problems and assignments, and the people involved are real people, all suitably disguised to protect their identity.

» re-establish + Posesivo + own identity = restablecer + Posesivo + propia identidad.

Example: This enabled them to re-establish their own identities and relieved them of the incidence of getting involved in 'library business'.

» self-identity = identidad personal.

Example: The author explores the major themes of the novel: self-identity; love; and betrayal.

» sense of identity = sentido de identidad, sentimiento de identidad.

Example: In consequence, deafened people have to carve out a sense of identity by developing associations & communicative strategies.

» shape + Posesivo + identity = forjar + Posesivo + identidad.

Example: Our enduring indigenous roots and the French, British, Scottish and Irish influences have shaped the identity of Canada.

» steal + Posesivo + identity = suplantar + Posesivo + identidad, robarle la identidad a Alguien.

Example: Police say they have arrested a woman who stole her sister-in-law's identity and spent 10000 dollars on a credit card.

» stolen identity = identidad suplantada.

Example: The stolen identity provides a cloak of anonymity for the subject while the groundwork is laid to carry out the crime.

» trace + Posesivo + identity = buscar la identidad de uno.

Example: A work that we got lately -- maybe you know it, 'Jody' is its title -- is really all about a woman, an adopted child, trying to trace her identity.

» type-token identity = identidad clase-tipo.

Example: This article establishes a type-token identity relating the type-token ratio and the bilogarithmic type-token ratio.

Identity synonyms

individuality in spanish: individualidad, pronunciation: ɪndɪvɪdʒuælɪti part of speech: noun identicalness in spanish: idéntico, pronunciation: aɪdentɪkəlnəs part of speech: noun indistinguishability in spanish: indistinguibilidad, pronunciation: ɪndɪstɪŋgwiʃəbɪləti part of speech: noun identity operator in spanish: operador de identidad, pronunciation: aɪdentətiɑpɜreɪtɜr part of speech: noun identity element in spanish: elemento de identidad, pronunciation: aɪdentətieləmənt part of speech: noun
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