Jar in spanish


pronunciation: tɑroʊ part of speech: noun
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jar1 = tarro, bote, frasco. 

Example: She wrote the following article 'Of books, manuscripts and jars of snakes: reference service in the museum, archives and records management section'.


» cuss jar = bote para depositar dinero por decir tacos, bote para depositar dinero por decir palabrotas. [Costumbre que algunas familias siguen para acostumbrar principalmente a los hijos a no decir palabrotas]

Example: Those who let a foul word slip will be encouraged to deposit money into the cuss jar as penance.

» jam jar = tarro de mermelada, frasco de mermelada.

Example: An old cartwheel suspended from the ceiling is hung with jam jars in which there are tiny candles.

» jar lid = tapa de frasco, tapa de tarro.

Example: One of the most common problems in the modern kitchen is dealing with tight jar lids.

jar2 = enervar, perturbar, trastornar, sacudir. 

Example: She analyzes how her memory was jarred by this massacre.

Jar synonyms

clash in spanish: choque, pronunciation: klæʃ part of speech: noun jolt in spanish: sacudida, pronunciation: dʒoʊlt part of speech: noun collide in spanish: chocar, pronunciation: kəlaɪd part of speech: verb jounce in spanish: saltar, pronunciation: dʒaʊns part of speech: noun, verb shake up in spanish: agitar, pronunciation: ʃeɪkʌp part of speech: verb jarful in spanish: jarra, pronunciation: dʒɑrfəl part of speech: noun bump around in spanish: golpear alrededor, pronunciation: bʌmpɜraʊnd part of speech: verb
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