Jealous in spanish


pronunciation: θeloʊsoʊ part of speech: adjective
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jealous = envidioso, celoso. 

Example: They seemed neither surprised nor jealous that she was appointed acting director.


» feel + jealous = tener celos.

Example: The main cause for feeling jealous is having doubts about one's abilities or skills.

» feel + jealous = sentir envidia.

Example: It is very common for women to feel jealous of each other's physique, success and relationships.

» get + jealous = ponerse celoso, encelarse.

Example: When guys get jealous, it's actually kinda cute but when girls get jealous it's World War III.

» make + Nombre + jealous = dar celos, poner celoso.

Example: The best way of doing this is by making him jealous, and the best way of making any boy jealous is to be seen with another boy.

» make + Nombre + jealous = dar envidia.

Example: It made her jealous how much he could eat and not gain weight.

Jealous synonyms

envious in spanish: envidioso, pronunciation: enviəs part of speech: adjective covetous in spanish: codicioso, pronunciation: kʌvətəs part of speech: adjective desirous in spanish: deseoso, pronunciation: dɪzaɪrəs part of speech: adjective distrustful in spanish: desconfiado, pronunciation: dɪstrʌstfəl part of speech: adjective green-eyed in spanish: ojos verdes, pronunciation: grinjeɪ part of speech: adjective overjealous in spanish: demasiado celoso, pronunciation: oʊvɜrdʒeləs part of speech: adjective
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