Jingle in spanish


pronunciation: kɑskɑbeleoʊ part of speech: noun
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jingle1 = tintineo, tintín, tilín, retintín, campanilleo, cascabeleo. 

Example: She heard a jingle of keys and turned to find that a man standing next to her had removed keys and some cash from her purse.


» jingle bell = cascabel, campanita, campanilla.

Example: At Christmas, the only jingle bells heard in casinos were the noises of slot machines paying out.

jingle2 = sintonía de anuncio publicitario, cancioncilla de anuncio publicitario. 

Example: Many people can hear a jingle and know the company it belongs to, whereas if your company does not advertise, no one will know you exist.

jingle3 = tintinar, tintinear, retiñir, cascabelear, campanillear, hacer sonar un cascabel, sonar un cascabel. 

Example: When they walk down the street, you can hear them jingling and stomping their feet to the sounds of the accompanying drummer.

Jingle synonyms

doggerel in spanish: aleluyas, pronunciation: dɑgɜrəl part of speech: noun jangle in spanish: sonar, pronunciation: dʒæŋgəl part of speech: noun, verb doggerel verse in spanish: verso de doggerel, pronunciation: dɑgɜrəlvɜrs part of speech: noun jinglejangle in spanish: jinglejangle, pronunciation: dʒɪŋgliæŋgəl
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