Lace in spanish


pronunciation: koʊɹ̩doʊn part of speech: noun
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lace1 = encaje, puntilla. 

Example: 'No, let a charming chintz and Brussels lace wrap my cold limbs, and shade my lifeless face so as not to be frightful of death'.


» bobbin lace = encaje de bolillos.

Example: They also have a good selection of books on tatting & bobbin lace.

» lace monitor = varano arborícola.

Example: This smaller lace monitor had taken a rest in the crook of a tree when I saw him.

» needlepoint lace = encaje de aguja a mano, bordado sin costuras.

Example: Not uncommonly the user will need to see everything that is available, on for example, infant deaths, or Rhode Island Reds, or needlepoint lace, or miners' lamps.

lace2 = cordón, cuerda, cinta. 

Example: Crests were originally worn on the helmet during tournaments; they consisted of a panache of feathers attached to a wreath made of twisted strands, which was itself attached to the helmet by means of laces or rivets.


» shoelace = cordón del zapato.

Example: An hapless burglar was left hanging upside down outside a house after trapping a shoelace on a window during a break-in.

lace3 = acordonar, entrelazar. 

Example: He laced his fingers behind his head, heaved a big sigh, and said, 'This is the life!'.


» lace into = arremeter contra, criticar, censurar, vituperar.

Example: If a cop or prosecutor treated you like they treat you a judge would lace into them for wielding their power maliciously.

» lace into = avalanzarse sobre, ponerse a comer, hincarle el diente a, atacar, engullir.

Example: The stray cat would lace into the food like a bulimic, but any sudden movement or noise caused panic and a zippy departure.

» lace + Nombre + with = añadir. [Generalmente añadir alcohol a una bebida]

Example: A common defence of drivers against disqualification from driving for having a high blood alcohol level is to claim that they had unwittingly consumed a drink laced with added spirits.

Lace synonyms

spike in spanish: espiga, pronunciation: spaɪk part of speech: noun braid in spanish: trenza, pronunciation: breɪd part of speech: noun plait in spanish: trenza, pronunciation: pleɪt part of speech: noun, verb fortify in spanish: fortalecer, pronunciation: fɔrtɪfaɪ part of speech: verb twine in spanish: guita, pronunciation: twaɪn part of speech: noun intertwine in spanish: entrelazar, pronunciation: ɪntɜrtwaɪn part of speech: verb entwine in spanish: entrelazar, pronunciation: entwaɪn part of speech: verb interlace in spanish: entrelazar, pronunciation: ɪntɜrleɪs part of speech: verb enlace in spanish: rodear a, pronunciation: enleɪs part of speech: verb lacing in spanish: atar, pronunciation: leɪsɪŋ part of speech: noun lace up in spanish: ata para arriba, pronunciation: leɪsʌp part of speech: verb

Lace antonyms

untwine pronunciation: əntwaɪn part of speech: verb
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