Lack in spanish


pronunciation: ɑusenθiɑ part of speech: noun, verb
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lack1 = carencia, falta. 

Example: The greatest lack in this film adaptation of Virginia Woolf's novel is some sort of unifying vision to replace the author's controlling prose.


» for lack of = por falta de, a falta de.

Example: There is no danger that the scheme will collapse for lack of central organization.

» lack of = falta de, carencia de, ausencia de.

Example: Obviously one of the unique features of natural language indexing is the lack of control of vocabulary.

» lack of attendance = falta de asistencia.

Example: According to some report I read, one-third of all public library adult programs done back a few years in an eastern state were cancelled due to lack of attendance.

» lack of backbone = falta de coraje, falta de valor.

Example: He knew what the price of war would be, but he failed to do what he knew was right and that's lack of backbone, a lack of courage.

» lack of courage = falta de coraje, falta de valor.

Example: He knew what the price of war would be, but he failed to do what he knew was right and that's lack of backbone, a lack of courage.

» lack of due process = incorrección formal.

Example: She alleged that there had been a lack of due process, unethical behaviour, and possible sex discrimination in her dismissal.

» lack of evidence = falta de evidencia, falta de pruebas.

Example: You may only say that, given the presence of evidence of innocence, a lack of evidence of guilt would provide further evidence of innocence.

» lack of evidence to the contrary = falta de pruebas.

Example: Jones's conviction that Cinque could not have been a slave trader is based primarily on the lack of evidence to the contrary and on the presumption that Cinque is innocent until proven guilty.

» lack of information = falta de información, desinformación.

Example: It is surprising, therefore, that people still talk about a lack of information on the European Community.

» lack of public spirit = incivismo, falta de civismo.

Example: But there were other factors which retarded the growth of San Francisco, chief among which was the lack of public spirit among the citizens.

» lack of respect = falta de respeto.

Example: Immodesty and the lack of respect for women are two sides of the same coin.

» lack of time = falta de tiempo.

Example: A lot of people miss the deadline every year due to lack of time or plain laziness.

» lack of understanding = falta de comprensión, falta de entendimiento.

Example: There is a lack of understanding over what benefits offshore banking can provide to people retiring abroad.

» remedy + the lack of = remediar la falta de.

Example: Small local private libraries, 'bunkos', set up to remedy the lack of services to children in public libraries and schools, were started in 1975.

» suffer from + lack of = adolecer de falta de.

Example: Most of the stock has been acquired in the form of donations as the network suffers from lack of funds.

lack2 = estar ausente, faltar, carecer de, adolecer de falta de. 

Example: I think that we have established a communication which we have lacked in the past.


» lack + confidence = carecer de confianza, faltar confienza, no tener confianza en Uno mismo.

Example: She lacks confidence, she craves admiration insatiably -- she lives on the reflections of herself in the eyes of others.

Lack synonyms

miss in spanish: perder, pronunciation: mɪs part of speech: noun, verb want in spanish: querer, pronunciation: wɑnt part of speech: verb deficiency in spanish: deficiencia, pronunciation: dɪfɪʃənsi part of speech: noun

Lack antonyms

have pronunciation: hæv part of speech: verb feature pronunciation: fitʃɜr part of speech: noun
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