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pronunciation: jɑmɑdoʊ part of speech: adjective
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name2 = nombrar, mencionar, denominar, hacer mención de/a. 

Example: The author statement may, for example, name all of a string of authors, or just the first named.


» name after = denominar por, denominar en homenaje a, denominar en recuerdo de. [Dar el nombre a algo a alguien en memoria de otra persona]

Example: To explain the evolution of our catalog, I should like to begin by telling you about an experience of Sir Thomas Bodley, the benefactor of the Oxford University library which was named after him - the Bodleian.

» namecall = insultar.

Example: Chapter 4 presents solutions for when children fight, bicker, compete, namecall, and hit.

» name + names = dar nombres, mencionar nombres.

Example: The reason I haven't named names is because that stuff is in the past and this is about moving forward.

» nickname = apodar.

Example: The physical dimensions of novels then tended to increase, and during the 1820s a standard form of three substantial volumes -- the three-decker as it was later nicknamed -- became established, and dominated the production of English fiction in book form from the 1830s to the 1880s.

» rename = renombrar, volver a nombrar, dar un nuevo nombre, cambiar de nombre. 

Example: Without such an understanding, attempts at overcoming the stereotype by willing it away, renaming, or ignoring it will remain futile.

» to name a few = por nombrar sólo unos pocos, por mencionar sólo unos pocos.

Example: Titles in different subject fields such as printing, education, Africa, and technology, to name a few, are extracted from the original work.

» to name but a few = por nombrar sólo unos pocos, por mencionar sólo unos pocos.

Example: Printed indexes that incorporate to varying degrees the principles of pre-coordinate indexing are to be found in abstracting and indexing journals, national bibliographies, and indexes to journals, to name but a few examples.

» to name (only) + Número = por nombrar (sólo) + Número.

Example: Internet carries with it many assumptions, about access and economy to name two.

» to name only some = por nombrar sólo unos cuantos, por mencionar sólo unos cuantos.

Example: With a little bit of forethought on such aspects as insulation, windows and even the shape of a building to name only some aspects, considerable economies can be achieved.

» you name it = cualquier otro, cualquier otra cosa.

Example: To introduce a little vulgarity, it would be absolutely hell on browsers were all the works by Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers or Dashiell Hammett or you name it, entered individually by their title.



» above-named = mencionado antes.

Example: I have not previously been supplied with a copy of the above-named article by any librarian.

» aforenamed = susodicho, mencionado, ya mencionado. 

Example: Any proposed changes to the sections of the aforenamed chapters will be open for an additional 30 day public comment period prior to final adoption.

» ill-named = mal llamado, erróneamente llamado. 

Example: Unfortunately, he supports President Bush's extravagances in his ill-named war on terror and ill-justified invasion of Iraq.

» named contact = persona de contacto.

Example: The article 'The mandarin maze' describes how named contacts may be located in UK government departments.

» so named = denominado así, llamado así.

Example: The course was not specifically for poets, but was so named in order to be inviting to the non-technical.

» unnamed = anónimo, sin nombrar, sin identificar, no identificado, no nombrado.

Example: The author examines a case study of a power struggle over a reviewer critique within an unnamed 'Ivy League' university.

Named synonyms

called in spanish: llamado, pronunciation: kɔld part of speech: adjective titled in spanish: noble, pronunciation: taɪtəld part of speech: adjective onymous in spanish: onymous, pronunciation: ɑniməs part of speech: adjective
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