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pronunciation: seɹ̩bijetɑ part of speech: noun
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napkin = servilleta. 

Example: Printed coasters and napkins are two of the items included in Lawrence's detailed list of categories of material fit for collection by 'libraries seriously in the business of organizing ephemera' = Los posavasos y servilletas impresos son dos de los elementos incluidos en la lista detallada de Lawrence de tipo de material coleccionable por "bibliotecas dedicadas seriamente a la recopilación de material efímero".


» disposable napkin = servilleta de usar y tirar, servilleta de un solo uso.

Example: Tableware consists of disposable plates, forks, knives, napkins & serving utensils.

» napkin dispenser = servilletero.

Example: This example is from the activity where the children built a wooden napkin dispenser.

» napkin holder = servilletero.

Example: If you are looking for a napkin holder that looks elegant and sophisticated on your dining table then this serviette holder is a must have for you.

» napkin ring = anillo servilletero.

Example: The design of these napkin rings is inspired by natural patterns in semi-precious agate stone.

» sanitary napkin = compresa.

Example: Sanitary napkins may cause an infection if they are of poor quality, expired or are not changed frequently.

Napkin synonyms

nappy in spanish: pañal, pronunciation: næpi part of speech: adjective, noun diaper in spanish: pañal, pronunciation: daɪpɜr part of speech: noun serviette in spanish: Servilleta, pronunciation: sɜrviet part of speech: noun table napkin in spanish: servilleta de mesa, pronunciation: teɪbəlnæpkɪn part of speech: noun
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