Nappy in spanish


pronunciation: pɑnjɑl part of speech: adjective, noun
In gestures

nappy = pañal. [Palabra británica cuyo equivalente americano es diaper]

Example: Three large size charts regarding changing nappies, when to wash hands, and childhood vaccination schedules are also included with the guide.


» nappy rash = escocedura de la piel del bebé causada por el pañal, irritación de la piel del bebé causada por el pañal.

Example: Clearly nappy rashes occur in the area where the nappy is being worn, i.e. in the groin, on the buttocks and on the thighs.

Nappy synonyms

crisp in spanish: crujiente, pronunciation: krɪsp part of speech: adjective, noun kinky in spanish: rizado, pronunciation: kɪŋki part of speech: adjective napkin in spanish: servilleta, pronunciation: næpkɪn part of speech: noun diaper in spanish: pañal, pronunciation: daɪpɜr part of speech: noun curly in spanish: Rizado, pronunciation: kɜrli part of speech: adjective frizzy in spanish: rizado, pronunciation: frɪzi part of speech: adjective frizzly in spanish: rizado, pronunciation: frɪzli part of speech: adjective
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