Narrative in spanish


pronunciation: nɑrɑtibɑ part of speech: noun
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narrative1 = narrativa, narración. [Nombre]

Example: The narrative contrasts sharply with the comic tone of the author's latest book, indicating a remarkably versatile talent.


» historical narrative = narrativa histórica.

Example: This study examines the interplay of memory, myth, and history in the construction of collective memory, collective identity, and historical narrative.

narrative2 = narración, relato. [Nombre]

Example: Although the slave narratives were usually intended to serve in the cause of abolition, not all of them were bitter, unrelieved tirades against the institution of slavery, but rather there were frequently moments of relieving laughter.


» oral narrative = relato oral.

Example: And they succeed with oral narrative more easily and satisfyingly than with written stories.

narrative3 = narrativo. [Adjetivo]

Example: For this type of publishing the author is simply a person with journalistic narrative skills who can produce a reasonably accurate and interesting account at very high speed.


» narrative text = texto narrado.

Example: Within each chapter the key concepts are examined by a combination of narrative text and a series of questions and answers.

Narrative synonyms

story in spanish: historia, pronunciation: stɔri part of speech: noun tale in spanish: cuento, pronunciation: teɪl part of speech: noun yarn in spanish: hilo, pronunciation: jɑrn part of speech: noun recital in spanish: recital, pronunciation: rəsaɪtəl part of speech: noun narration in spanish: narración, pronunciation: nereɪʃən part of speech: noun communicative in spanish: comunicativo, pronunciation: kəmjunəkətɪv part of speech: adjective communicatory in spanish: comunicativo, pronunciation: kəmjunəkətɔri part of speech: adjective
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