Oblivion in spanish


pronunciation: oʊlbidoʊ part of speech: noun
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oblivion = olvido. 

Example: The article is entitled 'On being an elephant in the age of oblivion, computer-based information systems and organisational memory'.


» cast into + oblivion = arrojar al olvido, enterrar en el olvido.

Example: No sooner had diphtheria been conquered and almost cast into oblivion than this new horror appears on the horizon.

» consign to + oblivion = relegar al olvido.

Example: Some of the contributions to the discussion are well known, others have been discussed in their day and then consigned to oblivion with the passage of time, but most are difficult of access.

» destined to + oblivion = destinado al olvido, abocado al olvido.

Example: Men who yesterday seemed destined to oblivion have, today, acquired immortality.

» doomed to + oblivion = condenado al olvido, abocado al olvido.

Example: Up until then the conventional wisdom had it that the Liberal Democrats were doomed to oblivion based on their poll ratings.

» fade into + oblivion = desvanecerse, evanescerse, desaparecer, caer en la oscuridad, caer en el olvido.

Example: The music industry as we know it is slowly fading into oblivion.

» fall into + oblivion = caer en el olvido.

Example: The whole civilization, having lost both past and future, would finally find itself on the verge of collapsing and falling into oblivion.

» rescue from + oblivion = rescatar del olvido.

Example: These archives are still likely to contain obsolete or damaged data which we need to rescue from oblivion.

» sink into + oblivion = caer en desuso, caer en la oscuridad.

Example: Our deliberate and passionate ambition is to avoid the traps of soulless, dead villages turned into museums, slowly sinking into oblivion.

» sink into + oblivion = hundirse en el olvido.

Example: Most of these books of travel were printed, though some of them sank into oblivion in manuscripts in the European archives and libraries.

» throw into + oblivion = arrojar al olvido.

Example: For he's a ray of hope in a world where musicians are moulded, marketed and catapulted to stardom one moment, thrown to oblivion the next.

Oblivion synonyms

limbo in spanish: limbo, pronunciation: lɪmboʊ part of speech: noun obliviousness in spanish: olvido, pronunciation: əblɪviəsnəs part of speech: noun
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