Obscure in spanish


pronunciation: oʊskuɹ̩oʊ part of speech: adjective, verb
In gestures

obscure1 = oscuro, poco claro, recóndito. 

Example: Examples are generally poor or obscure (often in Latin or German).

obscure2 = poco conocido. 

Example: This may be relatively easy for well-known authors, but can be difficult for more obscure authors.

obscure3 = ocultar, esconder, enmascarar, oscurecer. 

Example: A pseudonym is the name assumed by an author to conceal or obscure his or her identity.


» obscure + the fact = quitarle mérito.

Example: But no litany of caveats should be allowed to obscure the fact that on-line searching has added a major weapon to the reference librarian's arsenal.

» obscure + the view = tapar la vista.

Example: These sprays usually allow light to enter the room while creating a frosty film on the window to obscure the view from outside.

Obscure synonyms

cloud in spanish: nube, pronunciation: klaʊd part of speech: noun hide in spanish: esconder, pronunciation: haɪd part of speech: verb, noun apart in spanish: aparte, pronunciation: əpɑrt part of speech: adverb dark in spanish: oscuro, pronunciation: dɑrk part of speech: adjective vague in spanish: vago, pronunciation: veɪg part of speech: adjective mist in spanish: niebla, pronunciation: mɪst part of speech: noun blur in spanish: difuminar, pronunciation: blɜr part of speech: noun, verb obliterate in spanish: obliterar, pronunciation: əblɪtɜreɪt part of speech: verb fog in spanish: niebla, pronunciation: fɑg part of speech: noun confuse in spanish: confundir, pronunciation: kənfjuz part of speech: verb hidden in spanish: oculto, pronunciation: hɪdən part of speech: adjective isolated in spanish: aislado, pronunciation: aɪsəleɪtəd part of speech: adjective invisible in spanish: invisible, pronunciation: ɪnvɪzəbəl part of speech: adjective incomprehensible in spanish: incomprensible, pronunciation: ɪŋkɑmprəhensɪbəl part of speech: adjective indeterminate in spanish: indeterminado, pronunciation: ɪndɪtɜrmɪnɪt part of speech: adjective unknown in spanish: desconocido, pronunciation: ənnoʊn part of speech: adjective inconspicuous in spanish: discreto, pronunciation: ɪŋkɑnspɪkwəs part of speech: adjective concealed in spanish: excusado, pronunciation: kənsild part of speech: adjective unclear in spanish: poco claro, pronunciation: ənklɪr part of speech: adjective inglorious in spanish: ignominioso, pronunciation: ɪnglɔriəs part of speech: adjective unsung in spanish: anónimo, pronunciation: ənsʌŋ part of speech: adjective benight in spanish: benight, pronunciation: binaɪt part of speech: verb befog in spanish: nublar, pronunciation: bɪfɔg part of speech: verb bedim in spanish: nublar, pronunciation: bɪdɪm part of speech: verb becloud in spanish: oscurecer, pronunciation: bɪklʌd part of speech: verb dishonorable in spanish: deshonroso, pronunciation: dɪsɑnɜrəbəl part of speech: adjective unconnected in spanish: desconectado, pronunciation: ənkənektɪd part of speech: adjective overcloud in spanish: oscurecer, pronunciation: oʊvɜrklaʊd part of speech: verb blot out in spanish: ocultar, pronunciation: blɑtaʊt part of speech: verb unnoticeable in spanish: imperceptible, pronunciation: ənɑtəsəbəl part of speech: adjective uncomprehensible in spanish: incomprensible, pronunciation: ənmɑmprɪhensəbəl part of speech: adjective haze over in spanish: haze over, pronunciation: heɪzoʊvɜr part of speech: verb

Obscure antonyms

clear pronunciation: klɪr part of speech: adjective elucidate pronunciation: ɪlusədeɪt part of speech: verb clarify pronunciation: klerəfaɪ part of speech: verb illuminate pronunciation: ɪlumɪnɪt part of speech: verb enlighten pronunciation: enlaɪtən part of speech: verb crystallize pronunciation: krɪstəlaɪz part of speech: verb sort out pronunciation: sɔrtaʊt part of speech: verb shed light on pronunciation: ʃedlaɪtɑn part of speech: verb clear up pronunciation: klɪrʌp part of speech: verb straighten out pronunciation: streɪtənaʊt part of speech: verb
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