Observed in spanish


pronunciation: oʊbseɹ̩bɑdoʊ part of speech: adjective
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observe1 = observar. 

Example: This is a very common failing of librarians and can be observed daily: they appear unable to recognise when enough is enough.

observe2 = seguir. 

Example: It is worth briefly observing a general approach to the creation of a data base.


» observe + difference = respetar una diferencia.

Example: This difference between these two types of libraries we shall be well advised to observe though we should not be too hidebound as to the means by which we may secure the end.

» observe + principles = respetar los principios.

Example: UNESCO calls on the coalition forces to observe the principles of the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and its two Protocols.

» observe + rule = respetar una regla, cumplir una regla.

Example: If you do not observe this rule, the resulting class number will be either meaningless or, at least, have the wrong meaning.

» observe + the law = respetar la ley, cumplir la ley, obedecer la ley.

Example: The Court of Justice of the European Communities is a court of appeal composed of eleven independent judges assisted by five advocates-general to ensure that in the interpretation and application of the treaties the law is observed.

observe3 = estudiar, analizar. 

Example: 141 data bases were observed, most of them had been developed in the life sciences as well as in the earth, ocean and space sciences.

observe4 = decir. 

Example: 'All this is not very likely,' she observed at last, 'not only because of the strength of the selection process -- its imperviousness to proof before an arbitrator'.

observed = observado, constatado, percibido. 

Example: We can then compare the observed frequency of occurrence of a term in a given document with the expected frequency.


» unobserved = inadvertido, desapercibido, que pasa desapercibido, sin ser visto.

Example: Differentials long attributed to marital status may in part reflect previously unobserved effects of sexual orientation.

Observed synonyms

determined in spanish: determinado, pronunciation: dɪtɜrmənd part of speech: adjective seen in spanish: visto, pronunciation: sin part of speech: verb ascertained in spanish: averiguado, pronunciation: æsɜrteɪnd part of speech: adjective discovered in spanish: descubierto, pronunciation: dɪskʌvɜrd part of speech: adjective witnessed in spanish: presenciado, pronunciation: wɪtnəst part of speech: verb
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