Paean in spanish

Himno de alegría

pronunciation: imnoʊdeɑlegɹ̩iɑ part of speech: noun
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paean = panegírico, apología, alabanza, encomio. 

Example: Past celebrations have included the Faculty Survival Kits Party (based on the TV show 'Survivor'), the French Café Party (a paean to books and coffee), and the We Look Different Party wherein we used furniture rearrangement in the library as the inspiration to have a costume party.

Paean synonyms

eulogy in spanish: elogio, pronunciation: julədʒi part of speech: noun encomium in spanish: elogio, pronunciation: ɪnkoʊmiəm part of speech: noun panegyric in spanish: panegírico, pronunciation: peɪndʒɜrɪk part of speech: noun pean in spanish: pean, pronunciation: pin part of speech: noun
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