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pronunciation: kɑlidɑd part of speech: noun
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quality1 = calidad, cualidad. [Nombre]

Example: The search profile will only be modified periodically as the quality of the set of notifications output from the search drops to unacceptable levels.


» air quality = calidad del aire.

Example: The dust clouds travel eastward, affecting air quality in China, Korea and Japan, and occasionally the continental United States.

» air quality index = índice de calidad del aire.

Example: With the help of the air quality index, the concentrations of different pollutants are divided into five categories, from good to very poor.

» be of + Adjetivo + quality = tener cualidades + Adjetivo.

Example: If no relief is given from commercial films, this familiarity brings diminishing returns of interest unless the teacher is of unusual quality.

» binding quality = calidad de la encuadernación.

Example: Librarians and publishers must work together to establish standards for library books in the areas of binding quality and paper quality.

» compromise on + quality = no ofrecer calidad.

Example: And just because they come at a low price doesn't mean that we compromise on quality.

» highest-quality = de la máxima calidad, de la más alta calidad, de la mejor calidad.

Example: Our company is committed to providing highest-quality fresh produce throughout the year.

» of the highest quality = de la máxima calidad, de la más alta calidad, de la mejor calidad.

Example: Some embryos that appear to be of the highest quality may carry a genetic code that makes them poor choices for attempting to establish a healthy pregnancy.

» on quality grounds = desde el punto de vista de la calidad.

Example: Some pop culture may be creative enough to warrant serious consideration on quality grounds.

» paper quality = calidad del papel.

Example: Librarians and publishers must work together to establish standards for library books in the areas of binding quality and paper quality.

» performance quality = calidad en el servicio.

Example: As in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the several levels of performance quality build upon one another.

» personal qualities = cualidades personales.

Example: In her last appraisal they had observed how she blended many attractive personal qualities with intelligence, energy, and determination.

» picture quality = calidad de la imagen.

Example: The video playback units are all Betamax format because it is felt that the picture quality is far superior to VHS (Video Home System) and other formats.

» premium quality = de primera calidad.

Example: It is considered premium quality and is often found in gourmet food shops.

» quality and extent of, the = calidad y alcance.

Example: The quality and extent of service a librarian can provide and the immediate value to the company will win substantial recognition and support for the library in general.

» quality assessment = evaluación de la calidad.

Example: Quality assessment of scientific databases by well defined standards is becoming increasingly important for users of scientific information.

» quality assured = de calidad, con garantías de calidad.

Example: Do contact us to know how we may be able to help your business become more efficient by our quality assured products and solutions.

» quality is our middle name = la calidad es nuestro lema.

Example: Customers choose an establishment and spend hard-earned money and they want employees to exude appreciation through the attitude that 'we aim to please, the customer is always right, service is our business, and quality is our middle name'.

» quality of life = calidad de vida.

Example: The aim of the public library is to contribute to sustaining the quality of life in all aspects.

» quality of service = eficacia en el trabajo.

Example: The principle is that an employee because of quality of service or length of service may advance up the scale.

» quality of work life (QWL) = condiciones laborales de calidad.

Example: Quality of work life (QWL) can be defined as 'the degree to which members of a work organisation are able to satisfy important personal needs through their experiences in the organisation'.

» quality-oriented = basado en la calidad.

Example: Materials selection based on reviews has been quality-oriented, but attention should also be paid to the needs of users.

» quality-sensitive = exigente.

Example: This segment of the population is relatively quality-sensitive and not very price sensitive.

» raise + Posesivo + quality of living = mejorar + Posesivo + calidad de vida.

Example: The public library can indeed play an important role in enabling the disadvantaged to raise their quality of daily living.

» raise + the quality = mejorar la calidad.

Example: The public library can play an important role in enabling the disadvantaged to raise the quality of their lives.

» service quality = calidad de los servicios, calidad del servicio.

Example: The objective of the project is to analyze the importance of the information culture for service quality and business development.

» sound quality = calidad del sonido.

Example: Sound quality and download times are also compared.

» stamp of quality = sello de calidad.

Example: Accreditation by professional bodies provides a stamp of quality that shows potential employers that the students have had the best possible preparation for work = La acreditación de los organismos profesionales proporciona un sello de calidad que muestra a los posible empleadores que los estudiantes han tenido la mejor preparación posible para el trabajo.

» top quality = de calidad superior, mejor, de pata negra.

Example: The quality of a university's research library may not be sufficient to attract top quality students.

» total quality management (TQM) = gestión de calidad total.

Example: The author describes the initial steps in introducing Total Quality Management within information services pointing out that there is more to quality management than the use of statistical tools.

quality2 = tono. 

Example: 'I'm rather surprised that Arnold would have bothered you with such a trivial matter, Ms. Bragge,' Wronski said with a reassuring smile which had an almost fatherly quality.


» have + a + Adjetivo + quality = tener un tono + Adjetivo.

Example: His face had an ashen quality, and his voice lacked its usual robustness.

» voice + take on + quality = voz + adquirir + tono.

Example: She added, her voice taking on a curious quality of childlike appeal, 'I'll give you that new typewriter if you agree to Albert'.

quality3 = de calidad. [Adjetivo]

Example: This non-profit organisation was formed to promote quality library and information services.


» best-quality = de primera, de calidad superior.

Example: The supply of best-quality white rags for paper-making had always been precarious, and bleaching enabled the more abundant coloured and second-quality rags to be made into acceptable writing and printing papers.

» good-quality = de buena calidad.

Example: The weight of a paper was more or less independent of quality, so that a good-quality writing paper and a poor-quality printing paper might both be light in weight.

» low-quality = de baja calidad.

Example: Low-quality information can be downright misleading or distorted.

» medium-quality = de mediana calidad.

Example: Not all paper was watermarked but most medium-quality paper, and nearly all the fine, had watermarks of some sort.

» of poor quality = de deficiente calidad.

Example: What's worse, the office supplies peddled by these bogus firms often are overpriced and of poor quality.

» poor-quality = de deficiente calidad, de mala calidad.

Example: Not all paper was watermarked, especially during the later hand-press period when much poor-quality printing paper was made without any marks.

» quality assurance (QA) = garantía de calidad, control de calidad.

Example: This article relates users' experiences in searching for books to the library's overall interest in quality assurance.

» quality control = control de calidad.

Example: Quality control in non-print media acquisition is very difficult.

» quality performance = rendimiento óptimo, calidad en el servicio.

Example: The other philosophy is based on the concept that salary increases should be awarded only for quality performance.

» quality time = tiempo de calidad, tiempo familiar.

Example: Instead of romantic moonlit walks on the beach, young couples' 'quality time' is limited to an hour or two at the local pizzeria.

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