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pronunciation: kɑntidɑd part of speech: noun
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quantity = cantidad. 

Example: Thus, in a unit entry catalogue all entries contain the same quantity of detail.


» discount quantity price = precio especial por cantidad, precio especial por volumen, descuento por volumen, descuento por cantidad.

Example: These calf-length baseball pants and knee-length baseball pants are available at discount quantity prices.

» increase in quantity = aumento de cantidad.

Example: Suppose that a 2 percent decline in the price of coffee leads to only a 1 percent increase in quantity demanded.

» increase in + quantity = aumentar en cantidad, engrosar.

Example: Tangible assets will increase in quantity and value from 27 per cent to 82 per cent.

» in large quantities = en grandes cantidades, a montones, a montonazos, a espuertas, a sacos, a mantas.

Example: Vitamins and minerals taken in large quantities, without the advice of a specialist, may affect the human body.

» in vast quantities = en grandes cantidades, a montones, a montonazos, a espuertas, a sacos, a mantas.

Example: Standard components can be manufactured in vast quantities, keeping costs down.

» offer + in quantity = ofrecer en cantidad.

Example: Technical difficulties beset the development of the Monotype through the 1890s, and it was not until 1901 that the English Monotype Corporation could offer American-built machines in quantity.

» quantity surveyor = aparejador.

Example: Quantity surveyors are responsible for managing all aspects of the contractual and financial side of construction projects.

» spill + vast quantities of ink = hacer correr ríos de tinta.

Example: Social workers, for example, have spilt vast quantities of ink in trying to specify an academic content to their profession which will mark them off as a distinct discipline with a distinct subject-matter.

Quantity synonyms

measure in spanish: , pronunciation: meʒɜr part of speech: noun, verb quantum in spanish: , pronunciation: kwɑntəm part of speech: noun amount in spanish: , pronunciation: əmaʊnt part of speech: noun
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