Qualm in spanish


pronunciation: eskɹ̩upuloʊ part of speech: noun
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qualm = escrúpulo, duda, remilgo. 

Example: In the article 'Caveats, qualms, and quibbles: a revisionist view of library automation', a public librarian expresses his concern about computers in libraries and the lack of healthy scepticism in libraries when considering the likely benefits of automation.


» have + no qualms about = no importar en absoluto, no tener ningún escrúpulo en, no tener ningún reparo en, no tener ningún remilgo en.

Example: Information service quality largely depends on the person at the public service desk who should have no qualms about working with people of any age, minority group, religious or socio-economic background.

Qualm synonyms

scruple in spanish: , pronunciation: skrupəl part of speech: noun, verb misgiving in spanish: , pronunciation: mɪsgɪvɪŋ part of speech: noun queasiness in spanish: , pronunciation: kwizinəs part of speech: noun squeamishness in spanish: , pronunciation: skwimɪʃnəs part of speech: noun
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