Radiator in spanish


pronunciation: rɑdiɑdoʊɹ̩ part of speech: noun
In gestures

radiator = radiador. 

Example: Reader use, exhibitions and reproductions, age, pigment damages, and the dry air caused by the radiators, often cause the layer of pigment in the miniatures of old manuscripts to loosen or flake off.


» radiator (filler) cap = tapón de llenado del radiador, tapón del radiador.

Example: Replace the lost antifreeze with new antifreeze via the radiator filler cap.

» radiator hose = manguera del radiador, goma del radiador.

Example: Chapter 11 covers the following: jumpstarting; installing antifreeze; replacing radiator hose, radiator cap, thermostat and fuses; and checking brake fluid .
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