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pronunciation: rɑdioʊ part of speech: noun
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radio1 = radio. 

Example: Some subjects have changes in usage over time, e.g. wireless, radio, transistor.


» cellular radio = radio celular.

Example: With cellular radio, the power of the transmitters is reduced, so that the area of coverage of each is now only a few km across.

» clock radio = radio despertador.

Example: The clock radio came suddenly to life, rousing Jack from his fitful slumber.

» listen to + the radio = escuchar la radio.

Example: By contrast, other quite literate people prefer to spend their leisure watching television, listening to the radio, going to the cinema or any of a hundred other forms of recreation.

» pirate radio station = estación de radio pirata.

Example: Put another way, if broadcasting were a garden, pirate radio stations would be poisonous crabgrass.

» police radio = radio de la policía.

Example: I heard her police radio squawking in the background and was told to hang on while she answered the call.

» radio alarm = radio despertador.

Example: Each of the two master bedrooms have a double bed, tow bedside tables, two bedside lamps, dresser, mirror, and radio alarm.

» radio announcer = locutor de radio.

Example: Students examined the following occupations: veterinarian, weatherman, dentist, game warden, meatcutter, petroleum industry worker, service station attendant, nurse, and radio announcer.

» radio astronomy = radioastronomía.

Example: Then, in the 1930s extraterrestrial radio signals were detected, and during the last four decades a whole new intellectual area of science has developed, namely radio astronomy.

» radio audience = oyentes radiofónicos.

Example: I think the annotated card program for children's literature -- sometimes known as kiddy lit -- demonstrates that we can be responsive and that the problem is akin to getting the radio audience to communicate.

» radio broadcast = programa de radio.

Example: This article reports on a seminar on the implications for education of the legalising of off-air recording of radio and television broadcasts.

» radio buff = radioaficionado.

Example: Radio buffs who are potential resources for classroom teachers can probably be found in every city .

» radio button = botón de selección.

Example: The questionnaire takes the form of 15 or so radio buttons, one of which has to be checked in order to proceed.

» radio chat show = tertulia radiofónica.

Example: In radio chat shows you can use a microphone and speakers if you don't have a chat headset, but in some cases this can cause echoing.

» radio commercial = anuncio publicitario de la radio, anuncio publicitario por radio.

Example: TIP was promoted citywide through a variety of media including handbills, posters on hoardings and buses, television and radio commercials.

» radio DJ = DJ de la radio, pinchadiscos de la radio.

Example: He was a radio DJ for several decades -- he's a real institution in England, everybody, and I mean everybody, knows his name.

» radio frequency identification (RFID) = identificación por radiofrecuencia.

Example: If you want to find out what radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is and, more importantly, how it will change the basic operations of libraries in the 21st century, come to this session.

» radio listeners = audiencia radiofónica, radioyentes.

Example: Surveys of radio listeners do not support his contention that libraries' competitors are more attractive.

» radio operator = operador de radio.

Example: An amateur radio operator's license, thousands of dollars worth of radio equipment, and a lofty antenna are is required to listen to many international broadcasting stations.

» radio personality = locutor famoso, presentador de radio famoso.

Example: As a bigoted radio personality incites whites to seek revenge, tensions mount and Smith fights to slake the anger that engulfs him.

» radio-phone = radioteléfono.

Example: A feature of the interior of the bus has been the creation of an office at the rear, with seats, table, filing cabinet, leaflet racks and radio-phone.

» radio presenter = locutor de radio.

Example: Neil, an Irish radio presenter, wept on air as he apologised for allegedly exposing himself on a flight home after an evening at a top London restaurant.

» radio programme = programa de radio.

Example: These field recordings were sent to the Library of Congress where they were used in a series of radio programs that were distributed to schools and radio stations around the country.

» radio set = radio, aparato de radio.

Example: A spider web of metal, sealed in a thin glass container, a wire heated to brilliant glow, in short, the thermionic tube of radio sets is made by the hundred million, tossed about in packages, plugged into sockets -- and it works!.

» radio show = programa de radio.

Example: They recount their first meeting with Tony Hancock and discuss how they subsequently became partners with him, producing radio, television, and stage shows.

» radio show host = locutor de radio, presentador de radio.

Example: Performing artist and radio show host Ian Whitcomb expresses his misgivings over donating his popular music collection to libraries.

» radio signal = señal de radio.

Example: Then, in the 1930s extraterrestrial radio signals were detected, and during the last four decades a whole new intellectual area of science has developed, namely radio astronomy.

» radio spot = anuncio publicitario de la radio, anuncio publicitario de la radio.

Example: Forms of outreach include advertising, leaflets, talks, radio and television spots and knocking on doors.

» radio station = estación de radio, emisora de radio.

Example: Special rules are includes for specific types of corporate bodies, such as exhibitions, conferences, subordinate and related bodies, governments bodies and officials, and radio and television stations.

» radio studio = estudio de radio.

Example: The author discusses some special services including, film laboratories, recording studios, and radio and television studios.

» radiotherapy = radioterapia.

Example: Radiotherapy is a method of treating diseases and therefore belongs to the 'Treatment of disease' facet of Medicine.

» radio wave = onda de radio.

Example: Radio waves are utilized for transmission between aerials (antennas), or radiation sources and sensors.

radio2 = radiar, comunicar por radio, transmitir por radio, avisar por radio. 

Example: Wearing plain clothes and standing on a street corner, the trooper radioed fellow troopers parked nearby who pulled over drivers not wearing a seat belt.

Radio synonyms

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