Radical in spanish


pronunciation: rɑdikɑl part of speech: adjective
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radical = radical, extremista, fanático. 

Example: A similar approach to arrangement, but one which is less radical than reader interest arrangement, is to rely upon broad categorisation rather than detailed specification.


» radical cause, the = causa radical, la. [Expresión usualmente acompañada del artículo]

Example: Edwards had already shown his identification with the radical cause two years earlier by signing the Charter.

» radical change = cambio radical.

Example: Theses paintings represent the continuation of China's long pictorial heritage in an era of radical change and challenges for artists.

Radical synonyms

group in spanish: , pronunciation: grup part of speech: noun base in spanish: , pronunciation: beɪs part of speech: noun root in spanish: , pronunciation: rut part of speech: noun stem in spanish: , pronunciation: stem part of speech: noun, verb new in spanish: , pronunciation: nu part of speech: adjective theme in spanish: , pronunciation: θim part of speech: noun basic in spanish: , pronunciation: beɪsɪk part of speech: adjective ultra in spanish: , pronunciation: ʌltrə part of speech: adjective revolutionary in spanish: , pronunciation: revəluʃəneri part of speech: adjective, noun basal in spanish: , pronunciation: beɪsəl part of speech: adjective extremist in spanish: , pronunciation: ekstrimɪst part of speech: adjective, noun root word in spanish: , pronunciation: rutwɜrd part of speech: noun immoderate in spanish: , pronunciation: ɪmɑdɜreɪt part of speech: adjective free radical in spanish: , pronunciation: frɪrædəkəl part of speech: noun radical sign in spanish: , pronunciation: rædəkəlsaɪn part of speech: noun

Radical antonyms

cauline pronunciation: kɔlin part of speech: adjective
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