Ragged in spanish


pronunciation: ɑɹ̩ɑpientoʊ part of speech: adjective
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rag2 = meterse con, reírse de, mofarse de, burlarse de, tomarle el pelo, hostigar. 

Example: Someone ragged her in college and she hit him.


» tattle rags = revista del corazón, prensa del corazón.

Example: Since then, the tattle rags' coverage of these events has resembled something of a long-winded soap opera.

ragged1 = andrajoso, harapiento, desharrapado, desarrapado, traspillado. 

Example: Mr Imray had libraries in his metropolitan ragged schools where mendicant readers took pleasure in reading.

ragged2 = irregular, desigual. 

Example: Even in more mainstream publishing, despite the ubiquity of word processors, which can so easily produce justified text, ragged right margins are becoming more common, even fashionable.

Ragged synonyms

tired in spanish: , pronunciation: taɪɜrd part of speech: adjective worn in spanish: , pronunciation: wɔrn part of speech: adjective uneven in spanish: , pronunciation: ənivən part of speech: adjective
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