Sacrifice in spanish


pronunciation: sɑkɹ̩ifiθioʊ part of speech: noun, verb
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sacrifice1 = sacrificio. 

Example: When these habits are general and deeply rooted, it is unwise for the cataloger to ignore them, even if they demand a sacrifice of system and simplicity.


» make + a sacrifice = ofrecer un sacrificio, ofrecer un sacrificio, hacer un sacrificio, sacrificarse.

Example: Xenophon learnt the news while he was making a sacrifice to the gods.

» make + sacrifices = hacer sacrificios.

Example: It often meant working in sweatshops all day and studying at night; even the poorest made great sacrifices for the education of their youn.

» self-sacrifice = sacrificio, autosacrificio, abnegación.

Example: Nationalists tended to depict women as embodying the eternal virtues of self-sacrifice and loyalty and to elevate them as national exemplars.

sacrifice2 = sacrificar, inmolar. 

Example: Flow and readability should not be sacrificed to brevity.


» sacrifice + Posesivo + life = sacrificar + Posesivo + vida.

Example: She is now obsessed with needing to understand why a total stranger would sacrifice his life to save hers.

» sacrifice + Reflexivo = sacrificarse a Uno mismo, inmolarse.

Example: She sacrificed herself to save me, and I didn't even know her name.

Sacrifice synonyms

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