Saddle in spanish


pronunciation: ensijɑɹ̩ part of speech: noun
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saddle1 = silla de montar, montura. 

Example: The eight pieces are an embroidered saddle, two matching pistol-cases, an embroidered baldric, a buff coat, two felt hats, and a shoe.


» in the saddle = al mando, a cargo, en el cargo, al timón, en el timón, en la dirección, a cargo de las riendas.

Example: The article 'New Man in the saddle' outlines the plans of the new chief executive of Bertelsman publishers for restructuring the company.

» ride + high in + Posesivo + saddle = ser muy importante para + Nombre.

Example: The article 'End-user access to bibliographic databases: public users ride high in the RLIN saddle' explains that there are several problems which must be considered before RLIN can be accessed directly by the end-user.

» saddlebag = alforja. [Generalmente usado en plural]

Example: Travel, of course, was largely by horseback and supplies were carried in saddlebags.

» saddlebags = cartucheras.

Example: Be sure to pair regular exercise with a nutritious and clean diet to blast saddlebags for good!.

» saddle horse = caballo de silla.

Example: When he moved back to Cape Town, he had to sell all his horses in Namibia but once there he bought 2 horses, a saddle horse and a hackney horse.

» saddle of a hill = collado de una colina.

Example: The lodge is set on the saddle of a hill overlooking the rolling plains, woodlands and rivers of one of the world's richest wildlife sanctuaries.

» saddle point = punto silla, silla turca, silla de montar. [Lugar más bajo en la unión de dos vertientes que forman una especia de silla de montar]

Example: The regions are shaded according to which saddle point the dimer moved to.

» saddle stitched = grapado por el lomo.

Example: Most library materials are 'saddle stitched', ie stapled through the folded edge.

» side-saddle = silla de mujer, silla de amazona, montura de mujer.

Example: From its humble beginnings as little more than a pad for pillion riding in medieval times, the side-saddle has endured many changes of style during the centuries.

saddle2 = ensillar, poner la montura, poner la silla de montar. 

Example: Watch as a seasoned horseback rider demonstrates how to tie up your horse before saddling it in the English style.


» saddle up for = prepararse para.

Example: The article 'Saddle up for reading' describes a library reading and activity programme designed for children aged between 8 and 16 years.

» saddle with = cargar con, tener que cargar con, endosar, endilgar.

Example: As information incumbents, large academic libraries are saddled with legacy assets, such as huge stores of books, public service systems, acquisitions, cataloguing, and bricks and mortar.

Saddle synonyms

charge in spanish: , pronunciation: tʃɑrdʒ part of speech: noun burden in spanish: , pronunciation: bɜrdən part of speech: noun saddleback in spanish: , pronunciation: sædəlbæk part of speech: noun bicycle seat in spanish: , pronunciation: baɪsɪkəlsit part of speech: noun

Saddle antonyms

unsaddle pronunciation: ənsædəl part of speech: verb offsaddle pronunciation: ɔfsædəl part of speech: verb
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