Sacrificial in spanish


pronunciation: sɑkɹ̩ifikɑtoʊɹ̩ioʊ part of speech: adjective
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sacrificial = expiatorio, votivo, inmolatorio, propiciatorio. 

Example: Rock paintings there may perform the same function as the sacrificial aspersion of rocks with blood & chyme.


» sacrificial altar = altar de sacrificios.

Example: The sacrificial altars they erected in their settlements to this end were impressive examples of Celtic architecture.

» sacrificial goat = chivo expiatorio.

Example: You will be disliked and turfed out as a sacrificial goat once your job is done but there will be many others queuing up for your services.

» sacrificial lamb = chivo expiatorio, cordero expiatorio.

Example: In this limited respect, we may say that Hume opened the door to phenomenology, but as a sacrificial lamb.

» sacrificial rite = rito expiatorio.

Example: The sacrum was used in sacrificial rites, was considered to play an important role in protecting the genitalia and its intactness as a nidus for resurrection at the Day of Judgment was vital.
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