Safety in spanish

La seguridad

pronunciation: lɑseguɹ̩idɑd part of speech: noun
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safety = seguridad. 

Example: Not all topics are covered, but a broad group of industrial topics are represented, including, measurement, environmental and safety engineering, energy technology and communication.


» bicycle safety = seguridad de circulación en bicicleta.

Example: Topics include bicycle safety, riot control, drug abuse, criminal investigations, and national security.

» bring + Nombre + to safety = poner a salvo, salvar.

Example: A parachutist has had a lucky escape after his chute failed to open during an air show -- leaving a teammate to catch him in midair and bring him to safety.

» crowd safety = seguridad en las aglomeraciones.

Example: This study considers the 1989 Hillsborough disaster in the context of the institutional complacency regarding crowd safety and crowd control that prevailed during the 1970s and 1980s.

» driving safety = seguridad en la carretera, seguridad vial.

Example: The bibliography presents studies on the use of various communications media to inform the public on issues, such as mass transportation, driving safety, water resources, health, pollution, and law enforcement.

» employment protection and safety = seguridad en el empleo.

Example: This system has an inbuilt thesaurus including the subject vocabulary in the field of employment protection and safety consisting of several thousand descriptors and synonyms.

» fire safety = seguridad contra incendios.

Example: Librarians must be made aware of the dangers of open floor bookstacks and open stairways and budgets must provide funds to achieve an acceptable level of fire safety.

» food safety = seguridad de los alimentos, seguridad alimentaria, higiene de los alimentos.

Example: In food safety, 'fit for human consumption' generally means that a potentially dangerous substance is not present in or on a product at a harmful level for human health.

» for safety reasons = por seguridad, por razones de seguridad.

Example: Most parents who are thinking of buying cell phones for their children this Christmas are doing so for safety reasons.

» health and safety standard = medida de seguridad e higiene en el trabajo.

Example: They sought to prevent occupational accidents and disease by incorporating health and safety standards in contracts.

» highway safety = seguridad vial.

Example: More needs to be done by all parties that hold a stake in highway safety to reduce fatalities significantly.

» highway safety code = código de seguridad vial.

Example: Under the Highway Safety Code, cyclists must ride on the street, facing traffic.

» in safety = sano y salvo.

Example: The weather cleared enough that we could get in to the volcanic islands (still spouting plumes of smoke) by copter in safety.

» keep + a safety distance = mantener una distancia de seguridad, guardar una distancia de seguridad.

Example: Who is responsible for keeping a safety distance from the front, rear and sides while riding a motorcycle amongst other vehicle?.

» make it to + safety = ponerse a salvo, salvarse.

Example: When their canoes capsized in the rushing water after downpours raised the river to dangerous levels, three canoeists managed to make it to safety but one was swept away.

» margin of safety = margen de seguridad.

Example: The difference between the usual effective dose and the dose that produces severe or life-threatening side effects is called the margin of safety.

» occupational safety = seguridad laboral, seguridad en el trabajo.

Example: The relatively high number of work-related accidents demonstrates a need for developing a sociology of occupational safety.

» personal safety = seguridad personal.

Example: The article is entitled 'The devious, the distraught and the deranged: designing and applying personal safety into library protection'.

» public safety = seguridad pública, seguridad ciudadana.

Example: This information is crucial to public safety regarding consumer affairs and environmental issues.

» road safety = seguridad vial, seguridad en (la) carretera.

Example: Pedestrian crossings are provided to improve road safety for pedestrians when crossing a road.

» run for + safety = correr para protegerse, correr buscando protección, correr para resguardarse, correr buscando resguardo, correr para cobijarse, correr buscando cobijo, ponerse a cubierto, quitarse de en medio de bulla y corriendo.

Example: Photo of policemen run for safety as protesters chase them away with stones and sticks near the site of a collapsed footbridge.

» safety at work = seguridad en el trabajo.

Example: Even when Community-wide regulations do apply, for example in matters of safety at work, the stringency of laws may vary from country to country.

» safety belt = cinturón de seguridad.

Example: More than 90 percent of all motorists believe safety belts are a good idea, but less than 14 percent actually use them.

» safety box = caja de seguridad, caja fuerte.

Example: Opening to a terrace with city views, this tastefully decoratey room is fitted with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and a safety box.

» safety code = normativa de seguridad.

Example: When the overhaul began in 1994, the Pentagon did not meet fire, safety or health codes, and because of outdated electrical systems, experienced 20-to-30 power outages daily.

» safety critical [safety-critical] = totalmente fiable, de máxima seguridad.

Example: John Cullyer outlines the scientific techniques used in safety critical computer systems in space, aviation, nuclear power and railway signalling.

» safety deposit box = caja de seguridad, caja fuerte.

Example: Safety deposit boxes are a good place to store important original documents and valuables to prevent them from being lost or stolen.

» safety distance = distancia de seguridad.

Example: Different vehicles have different safety distance requirement -- for example, a heavy truck needs much more distance than a small car.

» safety evaluation = evaluación de la seguridad.

Example: The article is entitled 'Information retrieval for the safety evaluation of cosmetic products'.

» safety expert = experto en seguridad.

Example: Safety experts prefer life jackets to floaties or water wings, but I believe kids shouldn't have to gear up like they're about to storm Normandy every time they take a dip.

» safety (eye)glasses = gafas de protección.

Example: Safety glasses should always be worn by anyone operating a power tool, or by anyone nearby.

» safety film = película de seguridad, película de acetato. [En materiales, película fotográfica consistente en una base de acetato de celulosa no inflamable o poliéster]

Example: The 'vinegar syndrome' is the term used to describe the deterioration of the triacetate cellulose bases of safety films and sound tapes caused by the evaporation of acetic acid.

» safety hazard = peligro para la seguridad, riesgo.

Example: Under WOMEN -- EMPLOYMENT, for instance, are listed works on the health and safety hazards of employment, the wages of employment, the problems of mothers, married and/or single women and employment, and so on.

» safety in numbers = seguridad que da estar en un grupo numeroso.

Example: Safety in numbers serves as a defense strategy in many organisms, as aggregation can reduce the probability of predation for individual group members.

» safety line = línea de vida, línea de seguridad.

Example: In 1953 caver Henry Lambert descended a rope ladder with a safety line attached to his waist.

» safety net = red de seguridad, malla de seguridad, plan de emergencia.

Example: Some people may require 'safety nets' or private and public forms of social insurance that contribute to subsistence in times of need.

» safety notice = señal de advertencia.

Example: Illiteracy amounts to being unable to read the instructions on a medicine bottle, or to address an envelope, or to read a safety notice.

» safety official = responsable de seguridad, encargado de seguridad, oficial de seguridad, jefe de seguridad.

Example: Safety officials have examined two fairground rides after two people were killed and three injured in two separate accidents.

» safety pin = imperdible, alfiler de gancho, alfiler de seguridad.

Example: Children insert toys, sweets, hairpins, hair grips, safety pins, etc. into the vagina mainly out of curiosity.

» safety precaution = medida de seguridad.

Example: As both a fire and safety precaution flammable liquids must be kept in a cabinet which can contain fire.

» safety regulation = medida de seguridad.

Example: This article outlines safety regulations involved when handling microorganism cultures.

» safety-related = relacionado con la seguridad.

Example: Use is still low with c100 requests per year for safety-related information but only c20 other requests.

» safety standard = medida de seguridad.

Example: Attention has focussed on the marketing of dangerous substances, safety standards for the slaughter of meat and poultry, and control of dangerous cosmetics.

» safety valve = válvula de seguridad.

Example: For safety of the boiler, a safety valve is provided, which blows off steam automatically, if the pressure exceeds beyong a set limit.

» scramble for + safety = correr para protegerse, correr buscando protección, correr para resguardarse, correr buscando resguardo, correr para cobijarse, correr buscando cobijo, ponerse a cubierto, quitarse de en medio de bulla y corriendo.

Example: With ominous clouds looming overhead, a huge clap of thunder sent all players scrambling for safety during Sunday night's game.

» take + safety precautions = tomar medidas de seguridad.

Example: It is important that children grow up in a safe environment and learn to constantly take safety precautions in their future lives.

» urban safety = seguridad urbana.

Example: The participants in the Saragossa Conference adopted the Manifesto drawn by the European Forum for Urban Safety.

» winch to + safety = rescatar con una grúa.

Example: Four schoolgirls are winched to safety after becoming trapped on cliffs on the Teesside coast.

Safety synonyms

guard in spanish: , pronunciation: gɑrd part of speech: noun, verb safe in spanish: , pronunciation: seɪf part of speech: adjective refuge in spanish: , pronunciation: refjudʒ part of speech: noun rubber in spanish: , pronunciation: rʌbɜr part of speech: noun prophylactic in spanish: , pronunciation: prɑfɪlæktɪk part of speech: adjective condom in spanish: , pronunciation: kɑndəm part of speech: noun bingle in spanish: , pronunciation: bɪŋgəl part of speech: noun base hit in spanish: , pronunciation: beɪshɪt part of speech: noun

Safety antonyms

danger pronunciation: deɪndʒɜr part of speech: noun
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